Man Gifts for Any Occasion

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If you were to make a manly gift basket you would need these things: Steel toed boots, Flask, Flip top lighter, Big heavy mug, Multi tool.

Flask: Drinker or no drinker a flask is a great gift for a man to receive. There’s just something cool about having 8 oz of your favorite beverage with you in a small metal flask whenever you need it. Flasks are just cool, even if he doesn’t use the flask when he happens to come across it during spring cleaning he will look at it, smile, and think “great man gift”.

Big heavy mug: When the king is winding down in his castle he wants to feel just like that; a king. No matter if it’s brew or milk it’s going to be much more fulfilling taking gulps from a big heavy mug. A big heavy mug is a great man gift.

Multi tool: Men love to be able to fix anything that goes wrong at anytime but can’t always have the tools required so the way around that is to have a tiny foldable tool box in his pocket. Multi tool; great man gift ’nuff said!

Flip top lighter: Smoker or not these things are just cool for any man to have. Remember, men consider fire a tool. Flip top lighter; great man gift.

Steel toed boots: Steel toed boots immediately change a man from a minivan to a tough as nails off road vehicle. Steel toed boots are knitted armor for the feet. You see your man on the weekend lacing up his steel toes with no official project in mind and ask him what he’s up to and you’ll get an answer like. “I thought I’d go out in a field and hunt snakes”. Steel toe boots are more than a shot of psychological invincibility they are proven to keep that gorilla you married safe with all his toes attached. A science experiment was done with a normal pair of shoes and a guillotine, and needless to say that’s a guaranteed lost foot. The same experiment was done again but with a steel toed shoe which provided absolute safety as the guillotine bounced right off leaving the foot intact. So if your man is in construction or anywhere else where a large object could fall on his foot, I’d suggest you get him the protection he needs to walk away from a potentially life changing accident while grunting the loud call of the idiot and beating his chest. Steel toed boots; great man gift!

Don’t try to understand it just follow the list and be the super cool woman in his life that when he tells his friends about it makes them hate the knitted hats they got from their chicks that much more.


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