Bladder infections in children

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My daughter gets them all the time. Today we went in to the pediatrician to see what we can do to prevent them.

My five year old has had at least six bladder infections in the last year. She feels burning when she urinates and has pain in her stomach and back . It seems like as soon as we finish her antibiotic, the infection comes back. It makes me wonder if the antibiotic isn’t strong enough. I brought this up to the family doctor who completed an ultrasound which came back normal so he referred us to the pediatrician.

The pediatrician asked if she wets the bed and our answer was yes, nightly. She also asked how often I bathe her, (every two days) and if we use bubble bath (no).Her next question was if she gets constipated (no). So we gave the lab another urine sample and we are going to get an x-ray of her bladder at the hospital. If anything is abnormal we’ll be contacted, otherwise the doctor wants her to use flushable wipes for number twos and ones if she wants. I just hope she doesn’t have to be put on long-term antibiotics. The doctor also advised her to bathe daily because she believes the infections are from outer bacteria entering. It seems to make sense so we will be cleaning more frequently and more thoroughly and hopefully the infections will stop.

Apparently girls are much more susceptible to bladder infections because of the outer lips of their vulvas that gather bacteria easily. Boys have it better since they don’t have any folds for bacteria to hide.


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