How To Make Money By Investing in Your Home

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There are many ways to create value and equity in your home. You may need to update your kitchen or bath. Kitchens and baths bring in the most return on your money. Just by replacing counter tops, installing some new recessed lighting and a new ceramic tile floor would add value. A new vanity in the bathroom and light fixtures would be an upgrade.

You may choose to finish your basement to add some extra livable square footage to your home. Finishing your basement can give you extreme value, and pleasure of enjoying all of the new space. Finished basements also give you a large return on your investment. Add another bathroom in the basement and get the greatest return.

Giving your home curb appeal is also a great value for your money. Landscaping your yard is another satisfying way to create equity. Having a landscape designer make you a design plan and doing the work yourself can save you hundreds of dollars and boost the value of your home incredibly.

Another extremely easy way to add value and equity is just to caulk and paint baseboards. A new coat of paint on the walls. Replace old ugly ceiling fans and light fixtures. Replace old worn out interior doors. Leaky old lime filled faucets.

You can replace old drafty windows that not only add value, they also save you money in energy bills. That’s a plus. There are many creative ways to add value and equity to your home.

  • Do a lot of the labor yourself. Save and make yourself thousands of dollars in equity.

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