Woman Kicks Her Two Children Out Of Her Car

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Woman kicks her two children out of a car. The two daughters would not stop fighting. The mom is a successful lawyer named Madlyn Primoff. Who seems to have used very bad judgment in this case. The mom came back to pick up the oldest daughter but left the youngest daughter on the side of the road about three miles away from her house.

The ten year old daughter was found crying on the street by a good Samaritan. The good Samaritan took the child out for ice cream and then called the police.

Madlyn Primoff and her daughter drove to their multi-million dollar home and called the police to report her child missing. When Madlyn arrived at the police station she was put in jail, and charged with child endangerment.

Most parents can relate to the frustrated overwhelming feeling of children’s non-stop fighting. How is it that she went from 1-10 and kicked her own children out of a car. Most parents have thought about doing it, but actually kicking a child out of a car is child endangerment.

What should parents do to prevent their the overwhelming frustration. Before it gets the best of them?

In a stressful overwhelming situation you must take deep breaths and count to ten. If you are driving in the car and the children are out of control fighting pull over to a safe spot and calm the children down. Don’t start driving until everyone is calm including the driver of the vehicle. Counting to ten and deep breathing will help you stay calm in a stressful situation.

The mother of the two children is said to be a loving and wonderful mom. Every parent has been in a overwhelming situation when it comes to their children. Keep things in perspective and stay calm no matter how hard it is. Teach your children good coping skills. So they too can become calm in a overwhelming situation.


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