Weddings don’t have to break the bank!

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Most women want a nice wedding day. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune though.

Some of the biggest expenses are food, a wedding hall or reception, flowers and the bridal gown.

There are some ways to cut down on costs.

The first thing to look at is the gown. You can find some good deals out there. Check Ebay and wedding consignment shops. At the consignment shops, you can find some great gowns for about half the cost of new. Maybe even less. Some may have never been worn, but all are in good shape.Also, many bridal stores have certain days where they mark prices down. Around here, that day is in January. Keep an eye out for that.

Next off is the flowers. You don’t have to get fresh. In fact artificial flowers are very real looking these days and can be very economical. You can look for things off ebay or look at stores like Walmart. To make the bouquet, corsages, and bootineers; get a glue gun and get creative.

For the wedding and or reception, many times if you or your parents belong to a church and you get married there the wedding and reception is free if you have them at the church. Another option is; if you know someone with a membership at a country club. Ask if you can book that in their name. If they are a member they may be eligible for a discount or maybe even free use of the clubhouse.

For food you can do a lot of it yourself. Another option goes back to the church setting. Many times the women’s club will help out with food if you ask. The cake you can do yourself or find someone that does cakes. That may be cheaper than a large bakery.

For the centerpieces on tables and the little extras check out The Oriental Trading Company. They have lots of great stuff.

Give it some thought and you can find so many ways to save and still enjoy your day.


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