Why Do Dogs bite their paws?

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Why do dogs bite their paws?

I was wondering why my dog bites and chews his paws. Dogs don’t usually chew and bite their paws uncontrollably. My dog was biting and chewing his paws constantly until they bleed. I took my dog to the vet and asked, why do dogs bite their paws? They said it had to do with allergies. Dogs that have allergies have itchy paws, stomach, and face.

The vet also said if I take my dog on walks to wash his paws afterwards. If you don’t wash the paws the allergies spread from the paws to the face. Because dogs clean their face with their paws what ever is on the paws causing the allergic reaction will spread on their face.

The vet was right my dog was not only chewing and biting his paws, but the dogs eyes were swollen and red. Dogs ears were also swollen and red inside. The vet gave my dog a shot, and medication to take for 21 days. It helped tremendously. So after the medication was gone we thought the allergies would have stopped irritating our dog. We also continued to wash his paws everyday.

A couple of weeks later we were back at the vet. Dog kept biting and chewing his paws, his face was swollen and eyes were red. The vet repeated the shot, gave us more medication, and this time sent us home with a medicated shampoo. We were to wash our dogs paws and face twice a week with the medicated shampoo. The vet also recommended wiping our dogs paws with baby wipes every time he comes back inside. The vet thought our dog could be allergic to the grass. So we did exactly what the vet said to do.

Dogs that have allergies will bite and chew their paws. It will not get better until what ever the dog is allergic to either is removed completely, or the dogs paws are cleaned on a daily bases. In some cases the allergic reaction will be seasonal or it will depend on the climate you live in.

Dogs that bite and chew their paws could also be suffering from anxiety or stress. Although if the ears, face, and eyes are red and swollen. It most likely is a allergic reaction. In sever cases the neck and throat could swell and close. If this happens the dog will not be able to breath and you should take the dog to see a vet immediately.

How to help a dogs itchy paws.

To help relieve your dogs itchy paws wash the paws after your dog comes back inside. Even if a dog goes outside for just a minute wash the dogs paws immediately after the dog comes back inside. This will help the dog from spreading the allergies from paws to the face. Wash dog often, and all of dogs bedding as well. When washing a dogs itchy paws. Wash in between the toes and bottom of paws thoroughly.


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