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Ovid The Roman Poet. Love And Rape

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The Roman Empire is one of the largest and most enduring empires. It spanned a gigantic area from France to Asia Minor. It also produced a retinue of classical writers and philosophers. One of the classical poets of this period is Ovid. This man was born in 43 BC in Rome. This was during the reign of Augustus. Many consider this as the golden age of Rome. It was a period when the Roman empire consolidated and many artists and poets emerged. One of these was Ovid who is recognized as one of the immortals as far as verse is considered.

His relationship with Augustus was not very happy. It is possible he was implicated for lovong a high class Roman girl. Many conjecture that this girl was relayed to Augustus or his daughter. But Ovid wad exiled from Rome by Augustus. Ovid died at the age of 57 or 58 in 15-17AD. But in his span of 58 years Ovid created some lovely poetry. In the modern age Ovid is recognized as the last of the classical poets of the Roman era.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT9JSi44FUP_TwOYa5Q3_K

Ovid wrote a number of books with verses. His’Art of love` is a stand out verse. Ovid describes love and allows the reader to infer about rape with his verses on the `Gaze.` Ovid was of the view that a rape can only commence after a man gazes at a woman. A gaze by a man in which he takes stock of the woman for carnal knowledge is the beginning of rape. Ovid himself does not describe the rape in his verses, but as a master poet leaves it to the imagination of the reader. This is classical poetry and proves that Ovid was a master of the verse. His other works are  HeroidesAmores and Ars Amatoria, and o Metamorphoses

Ovid wrote other works as well, but his forte was poetry and verse. There is no doubt he wad the pulse of poetry creation in his grip. Ovid was perhaps a great lover himself. Ther is no doubt that to write love poetry an element of personal experience is always a great help. Ovid died at the age of perhaps 56 or 58. Despite a relatively short span Ovid is recognized as one of the great romantic poets from the classical age from Rome


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