How To Write Wedding Thank You Notes

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Writing wedding thank you notes can seem like a daunting task, especially if you are unsure on how to phrase your notes for guests that you are unfamiliar with or guests that did not attend your wedding, but did send a gift. The following contains tips on how to write simple wedding thank you notes that express so much.

STEP 1: Write thank you cards as soon as you receive the wedding gifts. Use your invitation list as a handy address book, and create an additional column in that book to write down what type of gift each guest gave. Also, include a check box for when you have written the thank you card.

STEP 2: Invest in matching thank you notes along with your wedding invitations. This conveys a touch of class to your guests, rather then sending them a cheap dollar store card.

STEP 3: Keep your thank you message brief by only adding about one to three lines.

STEP 4: Start with your salutation when writing your note. For relatives, close friends, co-workers, neighbors, and daily acquaintances use “Dear Tom” or “Dear Aunt Sally.” For business associates or individuals who you are unfamiliar with or did not attend your wedding use “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Always use a comma after the salutation.

STEP 5: Write the body of the message by including your thanks, as well as, a mention of the gift by name and what you plan on using the gift for. For example, “Dear Tom and Sue, Thank you so much for the blender. We cannot wait to use it for our banana smoothies! It was a wonderful treat to be able to spend our special day with you both”.

STEP 6: Include the following message for guests that could not attend the wedding: “Thank you very much for the lovely wedding present. We appreciate your generosity, and are sorry you were not able to attend our wedding ceremony. We hope to use your generous gift of money towards furnishing our new home.”

STEP 7: Include another “thank you” to wrap up your note: “Once again, we really appreciate your thoughtful gift.”

STEP 8: Write your closing with either “Sincerely,” “With love,” “Best Wishes,” or “Yours Truly”, and then sign both your names.

Please Note: This article, which was written by me, originally appeared on my “Respectfully Yours – How To’s & Reviews You Can Use” blog.


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