The How-Tos of Wedding Cake Decoration

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The first thing you need is a smooth icing to cover the surface of the cake; make sure you cool them completely before you begin. Crumbs can damage the icing and makes your cake decorating look unprofessional, so start with a thin layer of frost just to cover and lock them before you start application of the regular layer. Once this has been done, place them on the refrigerator for 20 minutes. This sets the crumbs, locked into the first and makes your job easier. Now you can have fun decorating you cake without having to worry about those dreaded crumbs suddenly appearing.

Now get those icing spatula and apply a nice coat of icing layer. Once you have enough icing on the cake, start smoothing the sides with the spatula all around the perimeter of the cake. Try dipping the spatula in cold water and see the difference; it makes the smoothing join so much easier! Then dip it again in cold water and start smoothing the surface of the cake. Hold the spatula firmly using both hands and begin skimming the top of the icing; drag it towards you starting from the furthest point.

Simple Creations

Learning to smooth the icing is the hardest part in cake decorating. Practice will make you a professional in no time all. If you can do it right then let your friends know; even though it is the hardest part.

You can use sugar coated powder to dust the top of the cake instead of icing. You can use sugar powder to rate a classic look, or opt to use stencil for a modern ‘retro’ feel. One good addition is to see edible cake decorations. The use of colorful candies, nuts and coconut slices can make your cake stand out from the crowds.

Use cardboard combs to create a textured feel, if you want. To make nice little flowers, use piping by fitting a pastry bag with a metal tip. This is where the real cake decorating fun comes in – you can explore a thousand possibilities by using the piping bag-flowers, shells can now be created to fill the tops and bottoms of your cake, wherever you would like them to be. Do not fill the bag more than one cup of icing and start making those tiny designs by applying steady pressure. Your other hand can be used to guide the tip; this will also ensure it does not smudge. It is wise to find out everything you can about piping before you begin.

One may use fondant in complicated cake decorating endeavors. Fondants are used to cover cakes, kneaded and rolled to create a beautiful classic look. They are often used to create elegant 3-D designs.

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