Quick Chicken Soup

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It is a very tasty dish, will warm you up in the winter. I personally love to eat homemade soup any season, doesn’t necessarily have to be cold out. If you have colds this one should help open your head up some too. My husband went on a scout training camp out, they all had to each make one meal to feed everyone in their troop. As they were camping out and had to backpack into their camp site, he wanted to make something that wouldn’t be hard to carry. Their water was provided for them, so he took a big zip lock bag with all the dry ingredients, and seasonings in it. All he had to carry then was the zip lock bag, the chicken bags, and crackers. He said the troop loved the soup. Try this one out and see if it is a hit at your house. 


  • Several packages of chicken ramen noodle/soup. (Depends on how many you are feeding).
  • Two to three packages of the foil package chicken.
  • Two packages of the dry soup mixes for chicken vegetable.
  • Salt
  • Pepper (we use Garlic/pepper mix).
  • Cajun Seasonings
  • Water


Mix all dry ingredients together. Bring pot full of water to a boil.
Put the ingredients in boiling water with seasonings. Let cookmag-glass_10x10.gif until noodles are done.
Add chicken and enjoy.

  • You can eat with oyster crackers, regular crackers, french garlic bread.
  • Throw some cheese in your bowl.
  • Add corn, taco seasoning for a chicken taco soup.
  • You can play with this recipe, and enjoy many different dishes with it. It is delicious.

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