The Changing World

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The year 1926, when I first entered this world the black people in Jamaica were undergoing some form of changes from slavery, where they were recognised as nothing but chattels to be owned by their masters, from that period they began growing as free people.

The condition in Jamaica was not much different from the time of slavery even the whip was still used in remote places.  The black man was almost a non person, the only profession which was open to them was to be lawyers and doctors, if they met the criteria.

Lawyers because their masters wanted to use them as a means of control, and the doctors were there to keep the black man healthy, so he could work harder on the plantations.

My Childhood

As a child I was marvelled by the Railway, which ran up and down the length and breadth of the island, it was always empty going into the interior, but was loaded with all kinds of commodities going to the Port of Kingston where the ships would be loaded with our goods to the Mother Country.

I can still remember the name of the train driver a white Canadian by the name of Joe Waugh.   Like other children I also wanted to be a train driver and used to stand at the crossing just to hear the horn of the train.  Joe would know we were there and he would try to make music with the blowing of the horn.  Boy it was fun.  Today there are train lines which lead to nowhere, but alas the train no longer runs on any of them, they are nothing now but worn out metal.

There were no black people working as administrators in the Banks or anywhere where they could make a contribution towards their future well being, apart from the everyday drudgery on the plantations.

I succeeded at the age of 20 to leave these shores, it was not easy because the grass was not much greener on the other side, not for black people anyway.  I interested myself not only in what was going on around me, but on all that was going on in the world at large.  Yes I was predominately drawn to the plight of the African people in Africa but at the same time to the plight of the black people in the United States.  It is not long ago that black people were murdered in the most abominable way by the Klu Klux Klan and others.

The rape and murder of young black women, the lynching of black men which led Billie Holiday to sing her most famous song ‘Strange Fruit” blood on the leaves, I am still in possession of that record.  I have seen young stars destroyed like Billie Holiday, many of these brillant women entertaining at the time did not live to see the age of 50.  I can remember the red under the bed scare which led to the destruction of many black entertainers and their sympathetic white counter parts.   One must remember the MartinsVille Seven, the Trenton Six, the Missipppi Eight, and the political murder of Ethel and Judas Rosenberg.

Civil Rights Movement

Next came the Civil Rights movement led firstly by the Black Panthers who were prepared to give their lives to be freed from the shackles which bound them in slavery, the Police were brutal and so was the brutality of the Southern states, which finally led to the death of Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, and Malcolm X, and many others.  No one could believe that the day would ever come when a black man could possess the audacity of believing he could stand as President for this unholy alliance called the United States of America.

But one brave man did, times had changed where he was able to have the support of the vast majority of the white people, who also had their minds bound in race hatred, and now were able to free themselves from the burden of such hatred.


I am grateful I have lived to see this great change, I believe this change affects all the black people of the world and white people too.  I thank God I have been able to witness such change and now there will be no going back.  One thing which worries me the world sees Barrack Obama as a Messiah who will change this world for the good of mankind.

I see him not as a Messiah but one of the greatest leaders of my time, including all the leaders of America.  Although the majority of the people of the world see him and profess their love for him, and in their hearts have great hope for changes, one must realise he has an almost impossible task ahead of him, of changing this corrupt world.


Capitalism, Imperialism and Monopoly Capitalism have been the curse of mankind, which lies so deep within the inner soul of man, that the changes required may be impossible.

BARRACK OBAMA as a man I salute you, and I hope for the best but you only have 8 years, and with all the obstacles which will be placed in your way, hatred will show its ugly head.  But as I hear you speak I realise there is no hate in your heart for mankind only love.  As one mixed race child to another you make me proud to be what I am.


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