Never buy a map!

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Maps can get expensive if you stop in a convenience store and pick one up.

But you don’t need to buy one.

Plan a little ahead and you can find where you are going without spending a dime.

If you live in a large town or city, your phone book probably comes with a map of the city inside its pages.

Some businesses do carry maps that you can look at.

Rest areas along the interstates in the US are great for getting state maps. That is where I pick mine up. I have even stopped at a weigh station to get one if I can’t find one at the rest area. They always have them.

Another great place to look is on the internet or maybe your computer has map software on it. The software or map sites are super easy and give you step by step directions on how to get from point A to point B. You get the map, the complete directions, and how many miles the whole trip will take. It will even give you a time estimate of how long it will take you.

Here are a handful of map sites for you to map out your trip.  Just type in where you are and where you want to go and voila! It does the rest for you.

Yahoo! Maps

MapQuest Maps

Live Search Maps

Google Maps

MSN Maps and Directions

But, with all of these you do need to remember to check to see if there are any roads that are closed due to construction or for any other reason.

For that here is the National Traffic and Road Closure website. It is for the whole US. If you live outside the US you can do a search for road closures in your country.

Happy traveling!


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