The Sexual Revolution: Kissing and Nibbling

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In all the time that I have been involved in sexual (mis)adventures I have realised that the one thing that makes a sexual encounter much more memorable is the use of foreplay. Now foreplay is something a lot of “macho” men frown upon. It’s the reason why they suck in the sack and it’s also the reason why the glasses-wearing geek next door is probably balling your wife. So here are a few tips to improve your love life with a minimum of hassle on your part:

* The old standby of touching and kissing all over is underrated. You’d be surprised the effect touching certain spots on a woman has to turn her on. In addition, seeing her turned on that much would do wonders for your blood flow in the nether regions. Touching should be done on “erogenous” zones like the back of the neck, back of the knees, inner thighs and along the forearm. Less regular erogenous zones include the tip of the nose, web of skin between the thumb and forefinger and the knuckle between the ring and pinkie finger of either hand. Massaging the wrist bone also allows her to relax.

* Legs are very good at making a woman swoon. Start from the little toe and gently suck each toe, nibbling the ball of the toe as you advance, then kiss the instep and ankles while tickling her calves. Caressing her inner and outer thighs not only gets her riled up, but pretty much sets her up for a mind-blowing orgasm later on.

* Necks are made to be nibbled on. I know a lot of men refuse to use their mouths for anything other than kissing but wake up guys. This is 2009. If you don’t want to use your mouth then someone else will use theirs on your partner. Nibbling on a woman’s neck may not work for all women, but it sure works for the vast majority. Start with small quick bites as you rub your lips on her neck and slowly draw designs with your tongue like circles, spirals, nothing with sharp edges in other words.

* Earlobes are very nice to suck and bite as well. Biting on a woman’s earlobe sends a direct line of pleasure down her spine and from what most women say, you can actually feel the stimulation in her pleasure-centre.

* Nipples. Yes, I can hear all you guys out there drooling. Literally. Nipples are nice to play with, tweak, tease, pinch etc. But really, please don’t try to bite them off. They tend to be attached to the girl and we’d like them to stay that way. Nibbling is fine and once or twice a nice, strong nip to surprise her, but don’t make it obvious or else everytime you head for her nipples then you’re gonna make her cringe. Before too long you won’t even get to touch them. Try to be moderate with your abuse, gently sucking alternating with gentle nibbling and an occasional hard bite now and again to spice things up.

* The clitoris. This organ is the only organ in the entire mammalian kingdom that is solely for giving pleasure. There are some things to not about the clit though. It’s protected by the clitoral hood, and for good reason. Most times it is rather painful when you touch the clit directly, mainly due to the large collection of nerves down there. A good strategy is to draw lines around and around the nub, or sircle it with the very tip of your finger and brush across it a few times. Centering your attention on it will just make her hurt. When you use your tongue on the button, make sure you lick directly on it for a bit. The tongue is more flexible and pliable than a finger so it makes for a much more pleasurable feeling.

All in all, the above techniques are pretty good in making a woman turn into a puddle of jello. I have a feeling women who find this will probably have some stuff to add. Comments and reviews are welcome.

Until next time guys, if you please your woman, she won’t leave you.


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