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Wedded People Are Not Clear in Your Mind Why?

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Civilizations, the history of the latest development. Local male – female relationship was based on basic survival. If the hunter best male and female of the species were at home, children, and is ready sukavi crops, raising the economic system can survive.

Later, at marriage, the birth was provided by parents. This part of the race is designed for continuous coverage.

The outside of marriage is to prevent adolescents from a variety of breeds. On the other hand, if there was friction between the two species, their strong marital bond between each member and peace in the middle of the head cover was arranged.

Between the royal families of Europe today encouraging marriages royalties continue to practice in other countries.

Some ancient cultures exchange groom girls – have changed. Attractive women are attractive to more people at the cost of the cow.

In parts of Africa, women still can be bought as slaves. Many men and women can of importance.

With little or no choice of these examples, it was all part of a marriage partner. When they did, they had the chance to choose. How many princes and princesses are available at any time?

When the Industrial Revolution, were replaced, and significant changes in the culture of the civilized world. The number of people living to be found, and increasing their lifetime.

Take responsibility for the preface that the marriage of love. Decreases, and live happily ever after, love of people expected. However, since no one knows what love is, the work becomes very confusing. Sex is often confused with love. Therefore, when one party says, “Let us love, he / she talks about love or sex?

When the Puritans took over, it was easy. Before marriage sex prohibited. Therefore, the only way you can have sex outside marriage was a sense of guilt. If a woman really wanted to get married to preserve virginity until she agreed to her boyfriend. The marriage oath before God and everybody, both parties have promised to monogamous life.

All so-called sexual revolution and women’s rights movement has changed. But without a sexual offense, a trend that education and virginity is no longer respected.

Unmarried couples living together are very common today. This kind of trial marriage, but without long-term commitment. It saves money, while some cost sharing. Sex is available. And a bitter divorce, the pain is avoided.

Sometimes it does not work happily ever proves nothing was decided.

Not all the reasons to marry, they wonder why millions of people in the trade of their freedom to choose a marriage license.

Clearly, the answer varies from person to person. A successful marriage depends on her partner to meet the emotional needs, and different – people have different needs.

Married couples who have survived, trust, care, friendship, compassion, safety, and as important attributes of spirit, was set up surveys. It was considered more important than freedom.

Its celebration 80 years of marriage, some of the most important in their lives they speak to each other.

Since no single “love” is a good definition of it, it may be a combination of these properties. People choose to marry for love, and if it persists, the glue that holds a marriage together.


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