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Finding The Right Dog For Apartment Living

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Apartment dogs need to be a quiet and friendly dog that can get their exercise indoors or can go for walks everyday. 

Before getting a dog for apartment living it is important for you to talk to your apartment manager and make sure you can have a dog.  Be sure to get your permission in writing in case the manager changes his mind down the road and you will save yourself the heartbreak of having to get rid of your dog or moving. 

There have been thousand of dogs that have been put in rescues because the property owners later changed their mind and told the tenants they could no longer keep their dog. 

When you get a dog for apartment living do not get one of the aggressive breeds that are used primarily for guard dogs.  Do not get a dog that is high energy and needs a lot of exercise and a yard to run around in.  Do not get a dog that the breed is known for being hyperactive and barking a lot.

Almost any breed of dog has individual dogs within that breed that will make great apartment dogs.  Some dogs that come from a breed that is considered aggressive can make fabulous housedogs, and are good with children.  These dogs are sometimes not suitable for apartment living because they will have to meet other people and they can show aggression because they are protective.  Some people type these dogs and they say the dog is mean because of the breed and they do not judge the individual dog. 

High-energy dogs need to go outside and run.  The Sporting and Herding breeds are bred to work and run.  They usually do not do well in apartment living but there are exceptions. 

Many of the mixed breed dogs and designer dogs make great apartment dogs.  The Cockapoo and Enga-Apso are considered by many people as great apartment dogs.  Some people have found the mixed breed dogs tend to bark less and they can be favorites of the neighbors.

The Mastiff and Bullmastiff is a quiet, laid back, lazy dog that just wants to lay around and do nothing and this is great for apartment living.  The problem is the neighbors are usually afraid of the dog because of the breed.  The Mastiff is cautious around people and not very friendly, they can be aggressive toward other dogs, and this is not good when you live in an apartment complex.

Greyhounds are not aggressive and are quiet.  The racing Greyhounds are used to living in small quarters and apartment living it is just fine with them.  A retired racing Greyhound will make a fabulous dog for apartment living.

All dogs that live in apartments will need exercise.  Some of the small dogs can get enough exercise chasing a ball in the apartment.  The medium and large breeds will need long walks and if possible taking a trip to a dog park where they can run and play.

Pick your apartment dog very carefully and you will have a healthy and happy dog and you and your neighbors will be happy.  Remember your apartment dog needs to be a dog that is not overly protective and can get along with people and other pets.


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