Short And Long Expression is

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Setting goals is great, even if it is about? The question then becomes – how short and long term goals set. With my graphic short and long term goals are explained.

(Long-term objectives)


10 years

5 years

3 years

2 years

Long-term goals, where it all began. If you find that you are trying to determine the short-term goals, we are not going away. For example, Jesus was a composer very long term goal. He is an inspiration and a divine message for us long-term performance.

For most people, day after day, view each week. Your objectives are part of long-term average; you face a storm, the ship rather than trying to go.

(Midrange Objectives)

1 year

6 months

Mid-range goal is the best. They are solid. However, you can remove when they want; they are still thinking about it for a decade and are off for a lifetime. When adjustments are made here, which takes you to your long term goals?

(Short-Range Goals)

3 month goals

1 year target

Target twice a week

A short walk to the corner of the goal? They set goals that are easy and convenient. Yet they may not be a great responsibility, with the objective of long-term vision of success, you take the lead.

(Personal Time)

Weekly goal

People here need to be. This is a weekly paycheck. What people do on weekends, aimed at a personal phone call was made. They can be largely, and see your progress.

(Personal Time – Time Micro)

Daily goals

Hours per target

Objective of hours and minutes in (one minute for every 30 or 15 minutes)

Micro-time time and staff in setting goals. This is where the action is. And that’s where it would create further violations. If you want success to success, you can perform the action you take lead to long-term vision.

* How to set short and long term goals

If you’re wondering how you determine this information short and long term goals, how you take that long. Long-term goal setter and goal achiever in the field. When bites are actually in violation of the target, you can be successful.

Short-term success is born of long-term success. Most people succeed because they do not focus on short-term and long forgotten. Port as they bop up and down but never out of the country to get away on ships.

At the corner of your vision, but to get there, you will need to take action. But first you must know where you want. If not, what to do, and wait, for they know not what they want. If you want to focus on what you need


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