Apex Films of Inspiration

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1. Happiness – Rages and his dreams about a man used to search the conditions to enter the way of riches story

2. Remember the Titans – 70 schools in black and white, and they are sent to integrated schools. By a black head coach for the football team all the racial tension is a new separate

3. Forest Gump is a low IQ who rose above his challenges, and proved that the ability of the determination, courage, love and intellectual is more important than the story of a man –

4. He is purple – the color of the mother at the beginning and tribulations and tests based on the lives of African American women, 1900

5. Rudy: It’s a football fan who always wants to play for the football team Notre Dame is about. He said he was also a little game, but the company

6. Famous boxing champion Muhammad Ali in Ali, based on a true story

7. Beautiful Life – it’s funny and carefree Jewish man who uses his comic talent to the realities of his son to cover the history of the Nazi occupation

8. William is a farmer in 13th century English rule, Wallace Brave heart story of the destruction was living in his Scottish wars.


10. Number of years in jail on a bond buyback Shaw shank, two men, it is courtesy of the final redemption.

11. Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story of a street gang in prison on the pancakes, the founder and for redemption. It is able to find redemption in the death row

12. Storm – a talented boxer died and his fight for his innocence of wrongly convicted of a story

13. -11 Years Boy, Billy Elliot and Bell in the boxing ring on the floor. He has won numerous experiences in the face of narrow-mindedness, as he set foot on internal conflicts of his family, and determined to change

14. John Forbes Nash Jr., a wit, mathematics and problems that the biggest race of the brain to increase the understanding of bio surprised to be able to solve. And how they overcame years of suffering from schizophrenia to win the Nobel Prize in 1994

15. It is true – the Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi’s history is known about

16. British athletes competing for the Summer Olympics of 1924 is a true story of the fiery chariot.

17. An HIV / AIDS and movies dealing with homosexuality in Philadelphia and published in the homophobic insult

18. Fried green tomatoes movie where their trials and tribulations and friendship throughout the two women in the memory of an old woman, a story to remember

19. A selfish person, his father, with the rain, the man is a brother, but I did not know the existence of millions of dollars to balance

20. On – the laptop is a beautiful love story that lasts for decades

21. Titanic sick and developed a love story about all unhappy film liner Titanic

22. Racehorse Sea sub-Depression – the era of victory is only the history of their country biscuits behind the team spirits were lifted – it’s true

23. Real life story of Ray Charles Ray and his amazing story of overcoming possible

24. IT pay, simply to change the history of how many wonders by the best people in the life of a young boy

25. List all the things they always wanted to have a terminal illness before his decisions about the death of two old-timers died

26. Milk, about Harvey Milk the first openly gay man in public life in America at 70 was elected to office. The gay rights movement is affected. Best movies I’ve ever seen.

27. Coach Carter, which is usually about a high school coach, his students, who have a bad attitude towards life, a life changing perseveres.

28. A shy man who inspired a mental community radio about the


30. About – workers in textile mills in the south Norma because the company and its employees work to improve conditions for themselves.

31. Anne Frank in the Diary of Anne Frank during the Nazi invasion of the skin – is based

32. Glory: the Civil War, black soldiers in the first story

33. Life support – a mother with AIDS, crack addiction, activist against AIDS, becomes the story that the community prevention

34. In pigs that are raised by sheep dogs learns to herd sheep

35. Love it – wonderful life story of Tina Turner: Great fun and great that it overcame the obstacles that lie

36. Hotel Rwanda, the Rwandan genocide and the support of real-life story of a man scared to death of thousands of Rwandans

37. G1 of the first female Navy Seal and Jane cleared a major hurdle

38. Birds of Alabama and a white woman in a black man accused of rape of a trial for 1939 killing of a joke is right based on race

39. 1966 Glory Road, the first black NCAA basketball line-up is based on the true story of the title of National Basketball Championship

40. Sarafina Soweto riots against apartheid in South Africa youth about

41. Slave revolt on a slave ship Amistad in 1839

42. Millionaire – Slum dog Millionaire child growing up in slums and who plays the Indian version of the story is to be

43. American History X – a neo-Nazi – reform and the only way they will try to stop his younger brother out of jail

44. Pianist – try to escape the Nazi invasion, pianist

45. Schindler Jews businessman Oskar Schindler during the Nazi war machine in the world 2 is based on the true story of thousands of rescues

46. Do not clutter the boy – the opposite of courage that you are surrounded by a true story horror

47. A mother and daughter close and conservative costs creditability Chocolate, which opened in 1960 in the French words

48. X – Malcolm X an influential black activist Malcolm human rights real life story

49. Charles Oliver, a young orphan boy, and the difficulties he finds the twist of a movie based on the devil tries to survive in the harsh world

50. Hitler proved that African-American athlete Jesse Owens Jesse Owens story about the Aryan physical superiority of the true story about the poor.


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