Sunday, December 17

Should You Put Your Parent in a Nursing Home

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With the demand of the sandwitch generation, there are more demands for nursing care of the elderly. Family don’t have the time, energy or patience to take care of their family and their parents so they might end up having to decide whether to send their parents to a nursing home or not. Its a tough decision since you will worry about the quality of their care and whether they will be happy or not with so much nursing abuse stories out there and they are real. Nursing home abuse is a major problem and it happens all the time. I work in several high end hospital and even then you will still see massive abuse going on. Nurses just don’t care that much nowadays. 

Should you put your parents in nursing home or assisted living home or group here and is there any alternative? There are some great alternative to nursing home like home health care where you can get a caregiver or can to come in and assist your parent and medicare or medicaid might cover it or you can pay from your own pocket. You can choose anywhere from three to twenty four hours for your parent. This is the best option since your parent will get to stay in their own home and there are no hassle like in the nursing home where you get new aid all the time and they treat you like a room number. You can come and check on them as often as you like. 

This will always be an option. Just make sure, you hire from a trusted agency or they you carefully check backgrounds and monitor  and exploitation. These things happen all the time.

You do have options all the time. I would recommend home health care since your parent would be happier and there is less abuse. The cost might be the same. You should hear it from the pro. A lot of seniors die quickly when they enter nursing home due to abuse and loneliness. According to what I’ve seen and heard, I wouldn’t want to be in a nursing home either. The quality of living is very poor comparing to being at home and being cared for by a caregiver from a good agency.


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