Why Some Career Man is Not Made For Love

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Does a workaholic make him also a lovecaholic? This is not always is the case. A man might be Warren Buffett but it doesn’t mean that he can be the best lover either. Take me for an example, I’m a very ambitious and career oriented person and love my jobs but it doesn’t mean that I will be good as a wife or that I will be as passionate about my man as my job. Some people are just born for Wallstreet while others are for raising children, like myself, I’ve never seen myself as the type that would stay home and raise children. I just won’t do it with a lot of passion. This is why when people meet someone like me, it might not work out for them because I’m always at work and I love my job and married to my job and will never seem to have enough time for my man. If you meet a man that is career oriented, you might just get this kind of response from him, busy all the time at work and  he might be just into his secretary. He won’t have no time for you.

Sometimes, these types of people make terrible lovers since they love their job more than their family. They will only focus on their job and you will have to do everything yourself, plan the dinner yourself, or spend the holiday by yourself and stay at home all the time waiting for them. They might even see their secretary more than they see you. If this is the case, you might want to reassess your relationship and find someone who loves you just as  much or more than their career. Nowadays, people are more focused on their career than anything else. Everything is so costly nowadays that htey have to work even twice as hard to pay for everything else. It’s hard to raise a family by just working the minimum hours.

I know that none of my relationship have ever worked because of my work and school schedule. I was always making them a priority. I never made anything else a priority. but my career and I have given up excellent relationship just for jobs and my goals so this might be the case with your man. If he’s always giving you up for his career and education then you might seek him out as this type. You might want to seek someone who can have more time for you or even confront him about the situation. Afterall, you can’t just be at their calling needs. You deserve better than that.


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