Mobile Device OS Differences: Android, Blackberry, Iphone, Symbian, And Windows

The mobile phone operating system or OS is what makes the mobile device work.  Different mobile gadgets or cell phone manufacturers use these operating systems to provide the required functionality, ease, and comfort for its users. Each OS type has its own capabilities and characteristics that can match the needs of each type of user.  Know each type of OS to figure out what your needs are when searching for a mobile device – business, entertainment, a budget communication device, there’s one for you.

Android OS

The Android OS is developed by Google. Android phones have risen in popularity due to its friendly touch interface and enhancements depending on the device manufacturer.  It is applicable to many devices and a lot of Android apps can be downloaded for free.  With a comprehensive messaging interface, user-friendly touch interface and a growing list of apps being developed, there are so many reasons one can truly enjoy an Android phone.

Blackberry OS

The BlackBerry OS is developed by RIM exclusively for the BlackBerry range.  This is an excellent operating system especially for individuals who demand high quality business services. Known for the BlackBerry Messenger BBM function, it makes it a highly-valued system for unlimited communication with BlackBerry network contacts.  More than being a business OS, it also supports a number of touch-interface apps.

iPhone OS

The iPhone OS is used exclusively for the Apple mobile devices.  The introduction of the iPhone OS shaked the whole mobile OS industry by being at the forefront of the touch-interface system. Undeniably, the iPhone OS has a bunch of wow factors including its ease of use, fun apps, and show-off characteristics.  The improving phone camera qualities and growing number of iPhone apps keeps it at the top list of OS choices, especially with women and the younger generation.  Many users have come to love and pledged loyalty to the iOS.  With its continuous upgrades, consumers keep catching up just like with the latest fashion trends.

Symbian Mobile OS

Symbian OS has been in the industry for a long time most especially with Nokia phones among other handheld devices.  A lot of Symbian versions are available on the market, which enables phone manufacturers to power mobile devices from the most basic budget phones to high end touch screen gadgets.

Windows Mobile OS

Windows Mobile was developed by Microsoft originally for handheld Pocket PC devices which later evolved into a system that powers gadgets having both the PC and mobile communication services.  Although being a touch-based interface from the onset, it is more designed to be used with a stylus. Users who like the seamless transition from PC to mobile device are great fans of the Windows Mobile OS.  Some feel that this OS is getting to be obsolete.  However, Windows has changed this impression by offering the more powerful Windows 7 version. This upgrade makes a lot of Windows Mobile loyalists more than pleased.

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