Three Ways To Soothe a Crying Infant With No Pacifier

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The first thing that one can do without using a pacifer to soothe an infant that is crying to no end is to walk with the child in your arms.  Wonders this method does work because at times, the infant misses the constant motion that he or she felt while in the womb.  Though the earth is moving, infants and for that matter adults can’t feel that motion.  Knowing this, infants are not too accustomed to this “still” life that adults and older children have.  In the womb, they are surrounded by water and other sounds which leads us to our second way to soothe a baby.

Shhhh…is the sound that adults use when they want to quite down a room full of toddlers, but this sound can also be used to soothe a newborn baby.  Why?  Well, the sound reminds the infant of where he came from and the place from whence he or she came is the womb.  Sounds work wonders when needing to quite down an infant.  This sound is especially useful.

Finally, the last way that highly effective in quieting an infant is to take the baby outside in the yard or either for a ride in the car.  The bottom line is to get the child outdoors.  Secure the infant up in a car seat and more than likely, an infant who has been hollering for hours will immediately quiet down while riding.  He may even fall asleep.  The same thing happens when taking the child in the yard.  The sunshine and fresh air are something new to both see and feel.  It redirects the infant’s attention, and the crying stops.


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