How to Get Your Makeup Done in 15 Minutes or Less!

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Do you have such a busy schedule that you’re amazed to even have enough time to brush your teeth in the morning? Well don’t you worry! You never have to compromise beauty because of your schedule ever again! There are a ton of time saving tricks to get you looking gorgeous in a flash
(well in about 15 minutes, but still), and I’m going to help you learn them. Now let’s get started, I know you barely have time to read this!

Ok, the first thing you need to do before getting ready in the morning is wash your face. Using something with exfoliating beads in it will help you start your routine off with smooth skin. This will eliminate a lot of the flaking that some makeup can cause. After you wash, moisturize! I cannot stress this enough! It is so important to get that skin ready for makeup, it will help your foundation adhere, and you won’t have to put as much on!

After you’re done with cleansing and moisturizing, you want to start with your eye shadow. I know, I know, everyone says to start with your foundation, but when you need to save time, this is the way to go. Here’s why: Let’s say you put on your foundation and blush already. You’re looking good! Then the second you take your eye shadow to your lid, specks of color fall onto your freshly done face! You try to wipe it away, right? Next thing you know, you have a streak of color on your face, and you have to take everything off and start over! Sounds like a time waster, right?

So, as I was saying, start with your shadow first. The quickest looks are also the most neutral. So you want to have a color close to your skin tone and a darker color in the same family. First, prime your eyes. If you don’t have primer, a little concealer will do. Just put a small amount on your entire eye, from lid to brow. This will help your colors adhere and keep them from fading throughout the day. Place the lighter color onto the entire lid and up to the brow if you want to use this color as a highlight. Then, with your brush of choice, get that darker color into your crease. Blend it out a bit so it looks seamless. Then put on some eye liner and mascara and you’re done with the eyes!

Ok, now we can move on to foundation/concealer. Whether you use liquid, cream, or powder foundations, you need to make sure you apply it onto your neck as well as your face. You don’t want to look like you have a mask on. For the quickest application of liquid or cream foundation, use your fingers. This is a great application technique, as long as your hands are clean. After your foundation, then you should put on your concealer. If you put the concealer on before the foundation, it will just get wiped away in the process, and that wastes time and money!

Now we can move onto your blush and lips. With a neutral eye look, you have the freedom to use whatever lip color you like, but for the purpose of saving time, go with a color that is pink in tone. You’ll see why in a minute. First, put on your lipstick normally. Once that’s done, rub some lipstick on the tips of your fingers and smile. Place your fingers onto the apples of your cheeks and blend. Now you’ve just created your own cream blush! Not only have you killed two birds with one stone, but you have a more natural and youthful glow using a cream blush. After this step, you’re done!

With these time-saving tricks you can get your makeup done quickly and easily, and you still have time to finish everything in your tight schedule! It just takes a few minutes and you never have to feel like you don’t have the time for beauty again!


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