A Review of the Idiot Proof Diet

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After reading loads of testimonials and writing about the fat loss 4 idiot diet, I decided to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.

Visit Trick Your Metabolism to follow the journey and see if you really can lose 9 pounds in 11 days. I talk about the good, the bad and even the ugly on the diet diary as I write a post for each day talking about weight loss, calories and the various foods on the idiot proof diet.

There are a lot of fad diets online and a lot of people willing to sell you their programs.  How do you know which programs are worth trying?  Read reviews!  Don’t just look for positive reviews either, look at reviews that explore the positives and negatives. I tell you about both on the diary.

Sure, some things for sale will have nothing but glowing reviews but in reality, dieting is never easy so anyone that tells you that their diet plan was a breeze probably didn’t diet safely or really didn’t need to lose much weight in the first place because they probably aren’t having a love affair with food!  Dieting is tough but it can be done with some good advice and some self control.

I just finished the Idiot Proof Diet which I paid $39 to try out.  It was an experiment because:

a) I have gained 15 pounds. A pregnancy and 4 years later leaves me a bit thicker than the old me. While I’ve been slim and trim my entire life I am facing a slower metabolism due to being older, having two kids, working at home and having a love affair with food! I’ve done several diets in the last few years including the Special K Diet and the Sacred Heart Soup Diet and have learned about so many diets in my life as a writer who writes a lot in health and wellness that it prompted the creation of the Cereal Dieter website. It was time to slim down again and it was time to try something new.

b) I have read countless reviews testifying the success of this plan and wanted to try it for myself.

It talked about confusing your metabolism so you don’t plateau which made sense to me because I know a fair bit on the topic and have heard many people complain that they plateau too soon.

So I bought the plan and created an online journal to track my progress at http://trickyourmetabolism.com .  I finished the first 11 day diet plan and posted my final post mortem at: http://trickyourmetabolism.com/2008/10/25/day-11-of-the-idiot-proof-diet-diet-post-mortem/ .

Have a look and see how I did (Spoiler: 7 pounds!).  I must say I’d do this diet again and at points it wasn’t easy. It was, however, doable and realistic.

After finishing it, I read back through all my journal entries and can see the ups and downs of it through fresh eyes.  Weight and body mass index are important factors in your health. While doing crash diets long term is definitely not something I would advocate, doing a quick and safe diet as a springboard to a healthier lifestyle is something that could be worth doing.

I have 8 pounds left to go and plan to do the diet again.

I definitely recommend this diet to anyone who wants some fast results.


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