Combination Fad Diets – The Latest Fad

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Fad diets aren’t new but a new trend is to mix and match these diets to accelerate results. Is it a good idea to combine fad diets to increase the chances of great results? There are diets that mix teas and diets or supplements and exercise or teas & acai berries or colon cleanses and acai.  Are these diets safe?  In many cases, they are but you should be very careful when deciding to mix two diets together. A lot of fad diets aren’t safe if done for a lengthy time or when certain health issues are present.

Diet Mixing Dangers

Just like certain drugs can have contraindications, so can herbal products when mixed together.  It’s vital that in your quest to lose weight that you get adequate nutrition and hydration and that when you do a fad diet you don’t go overboard and exceed recommendations for diet length.

Some combinations can result in weight loss but it’s important to carefully research your options before taking the plunge with something or concocting your own ideas.

Diet Combination Ideas

Some might mix a Sacred Heart Diet with a special K diet and eat mostly cereal and fat burning soup.  Others might do the Idiot Proof Diet while also doing colon cleansing fat flushes.   Another option is doing a colon cleanse while also taking acai.  Whatever you choose to do, be careful of health concerns and if in doubt, talk to your doctor.

Complimentary medicine can be a good thing as long as you’re educated about what you’re doing.


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