Paint Color For Bathroom Walls

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Small bathrooms easily look smaller or larger depending on fixtures and wall color. When choosing paint color, it is easy to assume you should go with white or another light color in order to make the room airy and larger looking. There is nothing wrong with choosing pale colors, but you don’t have to limit your choices. Bright, vibrant colors, such as teals, peaches, and pinks can also make a small room feel fresher and larger.


Choose the correct paint type. This is especially important for bathrooms because of the extra humidity from hot showers or baths. Consider a paint that is mold and mildew resistant and has an easy to clean finish, such as a semi-gloss or satin finish. Two such paints are
MildewPro Mold & Mildew Proof paint and Zinsser Perma-White Mold And Mildew- Proof interior paint.


Choose the paint color. Use bright colors to make the bathroom feel lighter and cheerier. This is especially true if the bathroom has only one small window or no windows at all. Painting a bathroom bright colors doesn’t mean light colors, although white, ivory, or beige can work well. Bright shades of blue, teal, green, pink, peach, or gold can work just as well as paler colors and the latter three will add warmth to the room.

You can also paint bathroom walls with designs.

Apply subtle patterns to the walls. This adds extra style to the walls. After you’ve painted the base color, let that dry completely. Next, apply a bit of slightly darker paint to a sponge or a wadded rag and press lightly to the wall. Alternatively, you can use a stippling brush or stencils, which are both available from craft supply stores.


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