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Nursing Field That Are Difficult to Work in

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Nursing is a highly demanding profession but there are a few things that new nurses need to know. There are easy to work job and then there are jobs that you might just want to avoid, since they’re not for everyone. I know not everyone would like ER or Medsurg, they are highly stressful and demanding. You have to be on top of your skills and can perform your duties really quickly or else you will get in trouble. Here are some reviews of hard to work nursing jobs.


Er is a very difficult area since you really have to know your material and you have to think on your feet. Your compliance or testing requirement might be harder. Its stressful to work in such an environment where you have to deal with new diseases all the time. Newness is the facet of er. You also might get written up if you don’t know your procedures right. I would only work here if I have tons of experiences or a damm genius.


Medsurg is also a very hard area to work in. You have demanding patients in critical conditions at all time. Medsurg clients can be unconscious and that makes your job even harder. There are a lot of lifting required. You might need to be strong in order to lift all of these heavy patients. You will get a lot of drama and trauma so you need to be ok with this. You will need to be on top of your skills too.


Peds is hard to work in since kids or babies can’t tell you what they want sometimes. Its hard to poke them or suction them. They cry and will not stay still. Parents of kids are very emotional too and they are demanding too. If you do make a mistake parent will go after you.


Icu is very difficult. The icu is a highly demanding and stressful unit. You must love action, stress to work here. Patients can be unconscious and they won’t tell you what they want. You need to know your material well. You might have to turn a three hundred pounds patient by yourself so its not fun.


Its difficult to work in psych since its hard to keep insane people under control unless you give them a shot to calm them down. I once had a patient chasing me around and that was hard. I got really scare when violent patients swing or kick you and you usually require securities to help you for compliance.


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