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Cool Youtube Channel Ideas to Help You Earn

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You can earn a lot on youtube with adsense nowadays. What are some good channel to help you ear? How can you get approved into the program easily? Here are a few tips to help you earn on youtube.

Channels ideas

I think doing a survey on youtube you will see that Justin bieber get the most views on there. Two hundred something million is too much. No one else on youtube has that much rating, so I guess music, kids and cute boy with a nice voice will do. However, you can only post your own copyright on there so you can’t post anyone else’s video to earn or else you can get your channel disabled. However if you are cute, and have a nice voice, you may post your own video and see what happen. You might just get discover on there.

I think posting videos on knowledge and how to do something will always be popular. I did so many research on how to fix car and computer because I really need to fix them and I would be lost if I don’t have those videos. I really find educational videos and travel or history fascinating. Movies or music videos that you own would be demanding too.

If you own a movies or music or production company, you should post all of them on there. You might get tons of hits. In order to get into google ads program, you should have your videos as useful, clean, high quality, and educational or informative in some way. I know that homemade videos of you snoring won’t earn you a google approval so aim for interesting videos. You should also have a lot of videos so that you will look like a professional content provider.

After you have some great quality videos, you can then apply for google’s program. Remember to not click on your own ads or else you will get ban forever. I believe that your videos should benefit people somehow. Marketing will also help your channel. If you already have videos on the net at some other website, you should bring it over and earn at Youtube. Youtube is a great place to help people learn and discover and help yourself earn a little bit.


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