Go Green and Save Green

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The first year we lived in this house when we bought it we were using 250 gal. of propane a month in the winter to heat it. The summer came and I decided we had to do something before the next winter came or we would end up loosing everything. That summer I bought caulk and a caulk gun and went around all of the windows in the house down and up stairs. After sealing the windows up I took a bead tool to smooth out the caulk and make it look nice. As winter got closer I covered the door we did not use with plastic like the year before, but I didn’t cover the windows with plastic this year. With this winter it was much more severe, allot more snow and colder temperatures for a longer period. This year I ended with a surplus of money on my budget account for the propane company. I have to believe caulking the windows is to blame for this. I ended up saving myself allot of money by not using as much energy, this is saving green by going green.

Having lights on in rooms we are not using is not only a waste of energy but also a waste of money. When no one is in a particular room shut off all lights and any electronics not in use, example of tvs. Using energy efficient neon bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs will also save you lots of money on electricity. If you switch out all of your bulbs and turn out the lights when leaving the room you will help the bruise on your wallet, and the earth.

Spending more time outside or doing something other than watching the tv will make a major difference on your energy bill. The tv does not have to be on all day to entertain yourself or the children. This does not help our health or our children’s mentality. Only use the tv for a few hours a night and play games and do other activities during the rest of the day. The television uses an unbelievable amount of energy. Our planet is in dire need for our help right now, and so is our world economy. If every one could just put in a small hand we could all help each other and mother earth at the same time.


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