Should Abortion be legally recognized?

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Stated simply, every human life, regardless of origin – is sacred.  The problem with abortion is that the definition of life was never stated explicitly.  When does life begins, where and how it was created.  Does it start with the sperm cells?  Does it start with the egg cells?  Does it start with fertilized egg cell?  Or does it start with the fetus?

There are many types of abortion.  There is spontaneous abortion (miscarriage), there is habitual abortion (repeated and spontaneous abortion, indicating that there is something wrong with the mother). There is threatened abortion (vaginal bleeding), missed abortion (retention of conception after the fetus has died), and induced abortion.

The difficulty in most countries is that abortion is not allowed except for some compelling reasons.

Some countries generally lay down a limit period after which the fetus must not be aborted, regardless of the circumstances.

At a range of times some of the reasons have been permitted in some countries.  Abortion for the sake of the mother’s health (including her mental health), abortion where a pregnancy is the outcome of a misdemeanor (such as rape, incest, child abuse), abortion where the child of the pregnancy would have an ‘ unacceptable quality of life’ such as cases where the child would have physical, genetic, and mental handicap, abortion for social reasons (poverty, young age of mother), and abortion as a matter of government policy (as a way of regulating population size).

Women have the right to choose whether to bear a child and that legal abortion makes the procedure safer.

The World Health Organization has estimated that there are approximately 30 million legal abortions performed every year; the figure however is deceptive because there are as many as 20 million more abortions that are illegal and most of them end up in making the mother infertile or physiologically damaged while some end up taking the life of the mother as well.

In the former Soviet Union, the official abortion rate is ten times higher compared to some western countries, and an estimated one out of five women of a child bearing age had an abortion every year.

For some countries, there is no documented accurate data about abortion.  What we have are just estimates, which reflects the criminal shading of abortion.  I could just imagine the number of fatalities and infertility because of improper induced abortions.  It is because of these tapestries that abortion in the republic ought to become more lenient and compassionate to women.


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