How to fix that food!

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There are some things we all just know. Like when the cookie spreads too much, maybe you need to add a little flour to the rest of the batch before you bake more. But other things aren’t always so easy to think about.

I have learned these tips from just trying things and others I found in books and on the internet. I have tried them and they do work.

If there is too much fat in stew, soup, or gravy add ice cubes and the grease will stick to them. Remove quickly or the ice will melt .You can also refridgerate the dish till the fat soliifies and than floats to the top and you can skim it off. If you prefer, another method would be to use a paper towel and blot at the top of the dish to remove grease. The paper towel trick is really good for getting rid of fat on ground meats.

If there is too much garlic in soup or stew, add a sprig of parsley to the dish for ten minutes and remove.

If you add too much ketchup, you can add lemon juice to mask some of the taste. You may have to add a bit of sugar to cut the lemon juice’s acidity.

If you add too much salt, add a slice of potato and boil until the potato is transparent and than remove. I have also found that this works for other spices as well. The potato just seems to absorb the flavors of spices. In a tomato dish you can also add more tomatoes. Or, you can also add pinches of brown sugar to taste.

When something is too spicy you can add a bit of salt. I have also found sugar helps to cut the spiciness. And as I mentioned earier, a potato does too.

Make sure that you taste as you add these things so you get it just right. It may just help you save the dish.

One other handy tip. When using garlic or onion and you get the smell on your hand rub your hands with stainless steel under water. They sell stainless steel bars that are shaped like soap. But you can use a bowl or a spoon. Takes the smell right away.

We all hate when we screw up making a meal. But it happens. It is also nice to know that when it does happen we don’t just have to throw it out or suffer through eating our mistakes. You can fix it.


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