Wise Tips on How to Apply for a Grant

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Let’s say you’re a individual or a small business that is seeking a grant for your personal or business needs, and need that money right away. Well, first, whenever you send in a grant application, or a RFA (Request for an Application), there are certain guidelines that you and everybody else must follow.

This is where researching the organization for which you’re to request your funds from comes into play. For example, if the granting organization asks you to, first, send a letter or intent or an RFA, that’s what it’s done – nothing more or nothing less.

Or, for another example, if they ask you to send a letter of intent, and application, and a grant proposal altogether, do that as well. In other words, follow the grantor’s directions to the tee – or else you won’t receive a dime in funding!

Here’s a very important tip to remember: Each granting organizations have different rules as to how to request money from them. For example, if you own a business, in Utah, in the areas of arts/culture, education, conservation, community, and heath care, and need money to support one on or more of these areas, the Eccles Foundation require you to first request and application, then move forward.

They only fund business that specialize in the aforementioned five areas, and do not give find to individuals, henceforth; it would be a waste of time for a person to submit a proposal, asking for money to pay off bills. Not to be mean or hateful, but that’s how they run, although there are granting organizations that do offer personal loans to Utah residents. Governmentgrant.com/state/Utah should lead you the way on that subject.

Now, for the most dreaded part of the grant application process – the long wait to hear a decision on your application or proposal. Yes, my friends, you will have to wait a long time before you hear whether they ruled in favor of your proposal or application or not.

The long wait can be as short as a few months and as longs as almost a year…sometimes more! This means that if you need the money for your personal or business needs right away, it’s not happening.

Also, a tip you should remember – before and during the wait for your application/proposal to be processed – is that calling them every day to check on the status of your submission(s) are FUTILE!

Why? First, grantors have a caseload of applications to review and make decisions on. Second, since many granting organizations have a gate-keeping secretary, or secretaries, it will be virtually impossible to get in touch with the grant decision makers directly. Third, if you get through to the decision maker(s) and ask for the status of your grant application/proposal, they will give you a short and sweet answer like, “I don’t know. We’re still reviewing all applications…Goodbye!” or “We can’t say that the status of your application at this time…Have a nice day!”

You’ll probably hear this from the gate-keeping administrative assistants as well. Simply put, you have to wait, wait, and wait to see the revelation of your submission(s).

Finally, once you do hear from them – whether they will fund your endeavor or not – you should thank them for their time and consideration. You should really thank them, if they did approve your application.

So, you got the money…now what? Wait until they send you a check, in or near the amount you requested – which could another month of two. Once you do receive that check, you should make it last for as long as possible, because you might not be granted for more funding, if your proposal doesn’t ask for continuous funding from the granting organization.

Well, my friends, good luck, and I wish you well on your long and rough journey in getting money that’s rightfully yours!


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