How to Be A Top Level Teen Baby-sitter

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Baby-sitting has taken on a whole new face in the day of professional sitters and day care. It is no longer simply practice for the day when you have your own children. Parents are more aware of the dangers and more alert to what they expect from the person they place the care and well-being of their children in.

The way you handle that first contact will go a long way to landing your part-time job. This is the time to put forth a professional foot. Have a list of parents you have worked for available, including name and phone number so the prospective client can check you out. Be sure to get permission from your references so they are expecting calls from your new client. Ask intelligent questions. And answer the parents questions honestly and consisely.

Parents are looking for sitters who know the score. Educate yourself by taking a class in baby-sitting. And also get your Red Cross certification. It only takes a few hours and could save the life of your charge in an emergency

Before you accept the job, ask about the child or children. You need to follow their set routine regarding homework, mealtime, the rules of TV and video games and lights out. It is also very important to be aware of any special needs of the children. A diabetic or handicaped child has specific requirements and you need to know what those are. Don’t accept a job if you don’t think you can handle the child’s needs.

Plan ahead to ensure a good evening. Yyou should know how old the children are, what interests them, if you will be required to prepare meals, what time they go to bed. Don’t expect the children to tell you what you need to know when you get there.

Before hanging up, ask the parents to prepare a list of contact numbers, including how to reach them, and any emergency numbers you might need. You should also have a medical release letter, allowing you to approve any emergency treatment until the parents can be contacted.

Arrive at the door prepared. Its a good idea to take a few mintes to plan the evening ahead of time. Pack a child’s entertainment bag based off the information you received from your phone interview with the parents. Children like new things, so if you bring a few age appropriate games, videos and books, you should be able to keep them interested in these new things and out of mischief.

Kids like to push limits and they have had experience with dealing with sitters. Be prepared for them trying to bend the parental rules by knowing what is expected of them from their parents


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