How to Drive Tons Of Traffic to Your Site Without Spending A Dime!

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Search engines love daily updated unique content.You must write unique content on your web page,and update it regularly.Here is how to drive enormous traffic to your site without spending a dime out of your pocket.It is absolutely free!There is nothing better than free promotion!


(1) You must have a good linking strategy.
You need to find similar content sites where you can put your link-to your site.The more links to your site,the more search engines will think that your page is important,and your page rank will go up drastically!

(Step 2) Drive Your Traffic.
By writing articles,and submitting them to article directories.This method really does work!It helps drive tremendous traffic to your site!

(Step 3) If You Want Your Site To Succeed,
you need traffic sites like Google,Yahoo,Live,and AOL,These can bring in tons of traffic to your site!

(Step 4 )Satisfy The Search Spiders.
A spider is a script the search engines send out to your site that collects information about your code,content,site popularity,links,etc.
Based on the information it collects,it will determine your page rank for various key word phrases.

(Step 5) Submit To Main Search Engines.
Google,Live,Yahoo,Ask,and AOL are the most popular right now.

(Step 6 )Comment on Related Blogs.
Leave comments along with your website address URL.

(Step 7) Participate in Valuable Link Exchanges.
Link popularity is the most important criteria engines use for ranking your site. Step8

Publish a Newsletter.
Use an AutoResponder.
Publish a blog,and
create more RSS feeds.


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