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I work at home and have for about 10 years. As I said in my profile I have my finger in several money making pies on the internet. So far sadly, I have not gotten wealthy as so many get rich quick schemes promise. But I have been living comfortably while doing something I enjoy AT HOME!

My online boutiques are my main source of income from my online endeavors. Carlars Cuties Dog Boutique was my first store. I struggled for several months to learn how to set up a Yahoo store. They were very helpful but they don’t help you with any html. I didn’t have much money to start with so I was determined to all the work myself. You see, I love a challenge. Believe me it was a challenge. But I kept at it working many hours every day. My husband started bringing my meals to me at my computer because I was still working into the night.

My first obstacle to opening the store was products. I had to have something to sell to all the visitors I was sure would come to my store. As I said before I didn’t have a lot of ready cash to purchase products to sell so I started learning about dropshipping. It was a tough go but I finally found a few companies that agreed to dropship their products for me. I didn’t realize at the time that their prices for dropshipping were inflated or that you shouldn’t agree to pay high dropshipping fees. I was just excited to have products to put in my store finally.

We finally opened without much fanfare. At first the only visitor to my store was me and my family. PayPal was the only way any shopper could purchase from me so I convinced myself that I wasn’t selling much because they had to use PayPal to pay for their order. So I began the monumental task of learning about merchant accounts and opening one. I got lucky I guess because I still have the same merchant account even after all these years. Yahoo had a deal with Paymentech and so I went with them. They have been good for me, no real problems and easy to set up. Now I was all set to earn really big money.

I sure wish it was that easy. I learned that you are constantly searching for new products and suppliers. I have really learned a lot since I first started and ended up with a list of over a hundred companies that dropship. Now I can pick and choose what companies I want to do business with and what products would be best to sell in my store. I finally had to set up a website to handle all the requests I from other store owners who wanted to know who my dropshippers were. If you are interested in my dropshipper list you can see it here: Dropship People.

Then the calls started coming in from people who assured me they could get my store in the top spot on Google. I had already used a company for SEO with my kennel website, Carlars Cuties so I used them to help me with the SEO on my boutique. After about 6 months I learned that I could do most everything they were doing for me and it wouldn’t cost anything but my time. I probably don’t do it as well as they could but I was a lot cheaper.

Since I opened my first dog boutique I still work on finding new dropshippers but the biggest portion of my time is spent on SEO. It is a constant grind and not one of my favorite things to do. I write blogs, I post at forums and do everything I have read that I am supposed to do. It does work and we were doing pretty good. We aren’t getting wealthy but I am doing something I enjoy and getting to work at home with my Yorkies and Dachshunds. Now don’t think my story is over, it’s just begun. I’ll add the next installment soon.


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