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Dog Toilet Training – How To

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Why mistake? Since this means that we ‘justify’ our dogs to poo or pee in the house. Besides dogs can not actually see the colors red and green. Sometimes the color of a magazine or newspaper can be interpreted that we put our own house is the floor. Then how should?

One funny fact is that dogs are reluctant to poo or pee in the cage. Even if he did it, surely because of the size of the cage that is too large, so that he could choose a corner of places to carry out his intention. Notice he’s not going to sleep on his own feces, do you?

We often frequent dog playing and after eating at the same location. Normally he would poo or pee when he played, especially for the puppy. Puppy age less than 3 months will usually poo or pee every 3 hours. not later than two hours locked in a cage. If the dog has been accustomed to poo or pee in the same place he was playing, so for an adult dog so if he is going to continue his habit.

If we’re taking the dog playing in the house, and then he signs as if to pee or poo, try to calmly say “Outside”, while guiding him to where we want him to poo or pee. Wait in this place until about 10-15 minutes to ensure that the dog pee or poo place is. If he can respond directly to the words “Outside” we had no need to guide him, then this is good. Give her a treat in the early stages of learning.

Avoid the dog to see us while clean up poo or pee. Because normally he would assume that manure is a fun thing. He may think this toy and started to walk on to and eat his own feces. If the dog has poo, take him in a cage and then cleaned. When the dog poo or pee in the house, wash clothes with bleach; is to remove the smell of dung is used while keeping a dog not to poo or pee on the ground again (note: the dog will tend to poo or pee smell in the place that he is where he Last poo or pee).

On average, dog poo or pee able to hold it only for 1 hour. Well if so, do not get angryl. Since this can cause stress on the dog. It is entirely our fault for not watching. Invite your dog to go to and then we clean the litter.


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