Sunday, December 17

Rid Your Dog OF Fleas Naturally

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Whether you have an older dog or in  my case a dog that just doesn’t seem to handle the chemicals in the flea prevention methods or sprays and powders. There are many methods of ridding your furry little friend from fleas without chemicals, here are a few that I have tried.

1. Dawn Dish Liquid,  start at the head and neck area first then work your way down to the tail area, let it sit for a few minutes or as long as your dog will stay still before rinsing. It kills the fleas, but doesn’t repell them. It is a quick fix to the fleas that are on them at the time.

2. Vinegar, dilute vinegar half and half with water after washing your dog (cat) rinse all the soap from his fur then use the vinegar solution be careful not to get this in their eyes it may burn. Do NOT rinse the solution off let it sit as long as your little friend will allow and towell dry. They smell a little like pickles at first,but when they dry they smell fresh and clean you can’t even smell the vinegar. It kills the fleas and does repell, it also give them healthy skin and coat. If your dog has white fur it will brighten it.

3. Homemade Lye Soap, Works great on killing fleas and giving a healthy coat, but found it does not repell fleas. This can be purchased online, I found mine on ebay.

4. Alcohol, dilute alcohol with water don’t make it to weak or it won’t work. Pour solution in a spray bottle. Spray close to skin in the flea bedded areas on your dog. This helps between washings, don’t use to much because it will dry your dogs skin.  I found that adding a little olive oil to the solution helps a lot with that issue, just don’t put to much then your dogs fur be oily.

5. Flea comb, I found that using a flea comb every day or at least every couple of days is a big help in fighting fleas. Make sure when using a flea comb to add liquid soap of some sorts to the cup of water you are using to dip the comb in,fleas will jump out and the soap keeps that from happening.

6. Vacum, vacum your floors everday, this keeps the flea population down also. Putting a small piece of a flea collar in the vacum cleaner will kills the fleas that you sucked up. Be sure to empty your bag after each vacum if possible this eliminates any eggs that were vacummed up to hatch and get back into your carpet or on your dog.

7. Soapy Solution, Spraying your yard area where your pet goes to play or use the bathroom  helps keep the flea population way down. I don’t know if it kills them but, it sure keeps them away. I found that any liquid soap solution works, but I mostly use Dawn.  

8. Skin So Soft, this I have not tried yet, but you mix a solution in with your dogs (cat) bath water it removes the fleas and also repells them.

Fleas just don’t come around during the summer months they are here year round, and those of us with pets who just don’t do well with the chemicals need alternative solutions. I hope this helps.


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