Friends Stay Forever

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It feels as though an organ has been removed from my body when any one of my friend moves away from me. I have missed my family and my special ones too, but that did not hurt to the level of missing my dear friends. Extreme joy and immense pain – both can be experienced by having them around. The whole world might misunderstand my so very most appropriate words but it’s my friends who even understand my least appropriate silence. 

My friends do not give me a Hundred Rupee note and say keep it as pocket money, but give me the needed penny. My friends do not ask me what’s wrong dear, but just shoulder my pain as theirs and begin to ponder over the solutions. My friends do not wipe my tear, but cry along. My friends do not look at my mistake as a mistake, but as a bad experience. My friends don’t just bring a smile from my lips, but deep from my heart. My friends do not break my heart, but make it. My friends do not assume if it is good for me, but wish the best for me. My friends do not give me what I need, but what I merely wish to have. My friends bring out the real me and love me for every little bit of it. 

I do not believe the fact it takes years to have an understanding friendship and I stand by the thought that time does not act as a reason in creating friendship. Friends bring fun and carry a new significance to live life in the most wonderful way. Friends sometimes give us a thought they are more than our family.

Any relation in this world might turn out to be mandatory at a point but friendship never will. If I am to believe I had done good deeds in my previous birth and that’s why I have my friends, then I would passionately agree to it. 

If anybody asked me to pen down my valuable possessions, I would easily write down one word – “My Friends”.


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