The Creation of You And The Universe

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The first three chapters in Genesis in the Holy Bible briefly describe the creation.  The work itself took six days.  Then came the seventh day to rest.  How long did the creation really take?  Or was the Creator only required to say, “Let there be light,” and then have it be done in an instant? 

The record may suggest answers to these queries, but there is nothing that is definitive.  One thing is clear.  After the light, darkness, firmament, waters, earth, grass, herb, fruit trees, stars, fowl, whales, and cattle were created, man was created from the dust of the earth, and a woman shortly thereafter.

The creation of the universe is only alluded to by the phrase “lights in the firmament of the heaven…let them be for signs…seasons…days…years”.  This refers to the stars and likely to the sun, the moon, the earth’s rotation around the sun, as these things give us the beginning and end of seasons, the passing of a day, and cycle of a lunar month.  What about the rest of the universe?

Is it reasonable to say that the Creator’s intelligence used to create the world was transferred to the man and woman created?  If so, this may be some explanation as to why the descendants of Adam and Eve also have that intelligence, the intelligence that has helped humankind develop technology to be able to see planets in our solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, and other heavenly bodies.

Every person on this earth then has intelligence.  Some are affected by disabilities to express this intelligence in the same way others do.  You are one of these persons.  You are a descendant of the final creation that God did in his six days of work, that of man and woman.  You can consider yourself an extension of that.  It is probable that God saved the best of his creations for last.  If so, then you are the peak of his creations.

So, in this vast universe, while you may consider yourself insignificant in comparison to its mass and volume, you may be selling yourself short.  Consider that next time you look in a reflecting glass or hear your recorded voice.


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