The Music Has an Inexplicable Power to Shape Behavior And Influence Actions

The music has an inexplicable power to shape behavior and influence actions

Of course the answer is yes. It is very difficult, almost impossible to find a human being who does not like music. It may not even like rhythm or another, but always feel happy to hear some kind of rhythmic sound in any musical style.

We do not know why, but we are sure that the rhythmic sounds directly affect the behavior of humans. Newborn babies already show behavioral changes when exposed to the sound of music, Haitians go into a trance at the sound of African rhythms and military seem to take more aggressive stance on the march to the sound of songs of victory.

 In the Western World music has played specific roles in various human activities such as bedtime children to dance, tell stories, celebrate special events, increase product sales, entertain, heal and pray, announce events, the courage to raise a war, and up to increase productivity in industrial production lines.

In a survey of a large university, many people responded that the music helps create a certain atmosphere that influences mood and feelings, then believe that it is not ignored the power of music on behavior, although few people reflect about it .

 What we want to emphasize here is that music, which most often is seen simply as a fun hobby or something innocent can influence in important decisions. Groups of people or large portions of humanity have been affected by techniques of behavior change that has music as its main tool. Whether the letter is the rhythms and instruments used or the two combined music is not ignored by major marketers.

Can you imagine a commercial for Coca Cola without music?

Can you imagine a romantic scene in a movie without music?

 We will not deal here with legends such as the so-called Mozart effect, which promised to make babies smarter through listening to music of great masters like Mozart effect, moreover, that must have generated big profits for companies that sell CDs with titles like “Build Your baby’s brain through the music of Mozart. ”

 Our mind has great power to memorize sounds and associate them with moments and past events, look at the vignettes played before some of the novel or the evening news, are always the same, and they know that even before the announcement, which next TV programming.

In a survey conducted in the United States, with over 500 students, found that those who heard some music styles like heavy metal and rap music with lyrics that emphasize violence tended to interpret words in a list previously prepared, in its most violent. For example, the word animal, which is neutral, was interpreted as something derogatory or violent people who heard the music styles such as Rap and Heavy mettal. People who heard songs with lyrics less violent tended to a more lenient interpretation. Other words, such as rock and stick, were also interpreted aggressively.

By asking the fields was completed a few words, letters heard in groups associated with violence was found that the words were formed, mostly related to violence. For example: when completing the fragments H_T, they prefer terms such as HIT (hit) instead of HAT (hat), unlike those who have not heard music with violent lyrics, although of the same musical style.

 “The students were divided into groups, with different groups listened to music from that artist and similar rhythms, but some letters containing violent and others do not. This was done to verify the influence on violent behavior refers to the musical style, the artist or the letter, and it was found that the letter is a differential influence on violent behavior, since the other groups did not demonstrate the same aggressive tendencies ”

We believe that understanding is the same when it comes to sex, adultery and drugs. The lyrics can actually cause individuals tend to participate in these practices. Below we list a modest list of some examples of current lyrics that will surely make you think about it.

 The song before it is in our hearts was the heart of God.

Now another question arises. Do you believe in God is not?

Or a higher being as some prefer to say?

When we assume that there is a spiritual world, the musical notes assume that some supernatural power, sound something like a miracle!

 It would be interesting to an increase in the application of such knowledge in prisons, schools and other institutions that seek to shape and build a more user friendly.

In another article we study further the question of the exaltation of heroes urban (and suburban) which is held in several letters of raps. Recorded on CDs called proibidões these songs are easily bought at any flea market of Rio de Janeiro, and found the sale to the Belém do Pará


Dj and Dock “weapons of Rap”

 City of God is bad to invade / with German We’ll have fun

 Why in God’s grandpa tell you how it is / There is not soft nor to DRE

 To get there in God’s BOPE trembles to / mole is not pro military, civil or PM to

 I give the greatest concept for my friends / Now I will show how City of God /

It has an AR-15, another 12 in hand

It has more than a pistol and another with two Oitão ().


Music – Let the Puppy Skip Tram-Tigger

 Look at the dog!

Let the dog move (she wants to roll!)

Let the dog move (she called over here!)

Let the dog move (She wants to lead!)

Move your butt, move your butt moves

Butt and come here / She’s rolling


Music – Composition Adultery: Catra

In 4 of 4 people tease

Whisky and energy

 how good woman

 Ui, the stuff’re serious

 Will roll adultery.


Music – Sex and Punk Rock – Punk Rock Kotex – Matthew Bruno Ramone and Ramone

Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.

 Sex with you my little girl.

 Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.

You can invite your neighbor.

——. ——

Music – Girl I love you so – Mark Fox

Girl I love you so love you

would all give the world just for you

now out of my foot going to fuck you

 fucking love you just wanted to eat

now out of my foot going to fuck you

 fucking love you just wanted to eat.

  Now Have a look at the letter below.

 It does not take a hand off the wheel, do not look at me and not moving

Scoob is the tram from there on the hill of the Monkey

 Vai gets out, looks at the ground

 Do not move, give me your import returns that insurance will

 If the league in my handwriting looks we here again is the highest tram

 only smaller periculoso binds the letter

I’ll send another message to the St. Charles streetcar just want imported car

Audi, Honda Civic, Corolla and Citroën

but try to escape – shovel pum: els look at the ball.

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