Christian Dating

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Christian Dating

How to be pure in days in which sexuality is so exploited? It is not easy! Hour after hour we are faced with a menu offering the devil “inviting”, playing with our senses. When we turn on the TV, there is evil using eroticism with all their might, wholesome novels and pornographic films (including the servant of God should not watch porn movies or novels), the comedians are the true explorers of sexuality ; scantily clad women in magazines are treated as commodities for sale at the fair and in advertisements nudism sells rice to imported cars, the school is the subject of the wheels of “friends” that influence many who call themselves “believers”; at work, is the favorite subject of his companions and even in church relationships among young people are immoral like the world.

The answer of how to be pure in this world:

“Beware lest thou also be tempted.” Gal. 6:1

This is leaving the commandment of God for all, whether young or old men!

You need to be filled with the Holy Spirit, walking in holiness, righteousness, and with a heart overflowing with love for the Eternal, this love constrains us to live according to His precepts. It is likely that our love for the Father, will put us in some difficult situations in relation to social life or even professional.

“Seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness …” Matthew 6:33

“No one can serve two masters; … You can not serve God and mammon. “Matthew 6:24

Beloved of the Lord, the better to serve God alone, seeking to put Him first in all aspects of our lives. First God’s will, then ours! So it should be the life of the Servant.

Servant of God: Standard Model (1 Timothy 4:12 and Titus 2:7)

The devil wisely through many channels has taught that youth need to enjoy life, enjoy it the most, and this crazy idea, many dishes are presented inside dishes with pleasant aromas and appearance that fills the eyes have seduced many , completely destroying their lives.

Unfortunately it is the consequence of sin, of failure to comply with guidelines of the Lord, that

teaches us to say no to the world.

The evil one has been able to handle with great cunning men and covertly planted in their mind, empty of the Holy Spirit, the appearance of the world. It takes a man to think according to the principles of land and assimilate their practices. It is common to find people in churches that call themselves “believers”, but so involved with the world and its customs is unfortunately impossible to see them as standard or model of something good. Healthy men and women with long hair sheared, piercing, tattoos, clothes, music, language common to the children of darkness; depraved mind, fans of masturbation and relationships in which sensuality comes into play; followers of men and their customs. My God, is a youth hard, cold and sick.

How to be a model like this? Where are the “Timothys” the Lord’s house? Timothy 1:18

Servants of God: Saints (1 Cor 6.13b, Cl 3.5, Ps 119.9)

When the Lord called the man to himself, gave him a commandment:

 “Be ye holy as I am” (1 Peter 1:16)

Life “holy” (according to the precepts of divine law) is the main condition for victory over the devil and his demons. Holiness wraps us with the armor of the Lord, protect us from the touch of evil, his sword and darts. Living in holiness is to die for the world, away from sin and enthrone the life the Lord Jesus, obeying Him unconditionally to their ultimate conclusion. It is impossible to be holy and continue the practices common to the children of darkness! If you continue to take pleasure in such practices, surely the Lord has no pleasure in your life!

Love the Lord above all things!

Servant of God: Pure Dating (Dt 7.3,4, 2 Corinthians 6:14)

The concern with dating and even your practice is totally unnecessary, when we are guided, and look at things with the vision of God’s Spirit, after all, are partakers of the divine providence. We have to bear in mind that the Lord knows us and has a special affection for each one of His servants. Nothing happens by chance, no chance for God! Good to know and expect, then, in due time, according to His will will be provided the right person to partner (a). This quest mad, unrestrained by the “better half” is a distortion of God’s will. It is a way to feed the flesh with impure acts which normally is in the dating, this is shamefully among Christians.

Unfortunately, the devil has used this loophole to enter and act in the midst of youth, the habits and actions are similar to those of the wicked. “Stay” (formerly: flirt) is a practice unthinkable to the servant of God, in itself, indicates that a relationship is just for the joy of beef, impurity and sensuality are common exacerbated.

It is increasingly common, meet at conferences and camps for young couples lightning, which is formed and separates in a few hours! In the life of a true servant of God there is no place for that.

Beloved parents, teach and counsel their children to walk in the paths of holiness!

Servants of God: Faithful to the Lord (Romans 8:39)

In recent years many concepts were changed and clashed with biblical principles and still others will be reformulated. The youth was hit on the head, is living in a world prepared to sin, however need to be saints. The call to sin is very

strong and many fail, let yourself go.

Virginity, for example, ceased to be an honor and became embarrassed. Teens are being asked about virgins and are mocked when they admit they are! Why the ridicule? The answer is simple: We live in a world dominated by evil forces. And the main idea of ​​the king of the world is to destroy the man.

I am sorry to see that even the church has incorporated as many normal activities common to the world! Meetings are “social” and some insane ideas that deviate from the Father

The dating impure, full of pleasures of the flesh are clear and obvious forms of infidelity to the Lord (Matt. 5:28, 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8, 2 Peter 2:13). Generally, these relationships culminate in fornication (1 Cor 7.2; 6.9, Gal 5:19). It is a tragedy in the life of any couple. Flee from sin is a wise way to act.

Servant of God: Flee (2 Tim 2:22)

Paul filled with the Holy Spirit, saying he advised Timothy: “Flee youthful lusts.” It is a full board for you, easy to understand: Flee from sin! Flee!

The Spirit of God is saying: Avoid companies that do not build and lead to sin! Do not frequent places where the Lord would not come!

A self-question: “The Lord Jesus would act like this?”

And remember: “all things the Lord will ask you account.” Ec 09.11


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