Multi-tasking for Creativity When Working From Home

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We all keep notebook, pen and articles that we’ve never gotten around to reading in our bags to work on while we’re waiting for the oil change, the doctor or while traveling, but there are other ways to multitask when you work from home.

When it’s time to get up to stretch your legs, use the opportunity to check phone messages. If a call has to be returned  take advantage of the phone being cordless by starting a load of laundry, doing prep work for dinner, or another mindless housekeeping task that has to be done. When the important part of the discussion is over, end the call, by asking if you can call them back later.

When the dog has to be let out, use that time to check the mail, take out the garbage, sweep the patio, etc.

During your breaks, your project is still on your mind, even if it’s deep in your subconscious. If you just relax and not consider these necessary interruptions from your work as disturbances, you allow new aspects of your project to form and you will be open to the birth of a new idea.

Reward Yourself

Consider any mindless task like the ones mentioned above that’s been taken care of during work breaks as gems that can be used for personal growth. When set schedules are over and it’s time to walk away from the workstation, these gems are available that can be spent during the rest of the day on what you want to have done instead of what needs to be done.

Acceptance of the benefits of that concept might not come easily to those firm believers that success is based on how busy you are and how much is accomplished. A just do what comes next mentality doesn’t do much for the ability to be creative. If you find that the harder you work, the less you accomplished, you may feel that you’ve lost your purpose.

Time with no distractions gives you an opportunity to think. Watching a sunset, walking the dog, or soaking in a hot bath frees up your mind to allow new insight. Reflecting on your purpose during down time makes it easier to identify if what you decide to do with your free time is what you really want to do. The answer may prompt you to make some changes in your life. Consider ideas generated on the beach a form of multitasking.


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