Child And Technology

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Along with the development of the age, the older technology of the advanced rapidly, and parents should provide guidance technology is good for children so that the child is not left behind the information. Technology Benefits for children are:

1. Make life easier and more comfortable.
2. Improve Intelligence.
3. Accelerate the completion of various jobs.
4. Modernization of life.
5. Increasing self.
6. Facilitate communication with other people.

What the technology can be used a child?

1. Technology in communicating, for example: the use of telephone, phone, email, and so forth.
2. Technology in information exchange, for example: the use of computers, educational software, internet, and so forth.
3. Technology for entertainment and hobbies, such as: electronic / console games, TV, DVD, radio, digital camera, and so forth.
4. Technology for daily life, such as Blender, washing machine, microwave, and so forth.
5. Technology in schools, for example: study presentation with computer and LCD projector.
6. Use of Technology for special needs children, for example, that deaf children get the hearing aid assistance, the child blind and low vision assistance equipment braille vision equipment. Guidance for parents that are necessary for our children secure. so that the child’s development with a bias controler good and normal. This may be ignored by many in some parents to their children. also at this time technology progress very rapidly and will change the pattern of human life.
Lifestyle that is now in if not like with children, will be difficult to cause the child to develop good mental growth or education. bud as the new generation that will change the future of the world must give more than one other


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