The way after 12th..?

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First of all know that getting into a course our mind and heart desires would make us succeed easily. And in this competitive world Biotechnology has a great scope and indeed genetics is also advisable. In case you choose Engineering please do a PG and its better to go with MS. In other cases you may go with and do C.A or an MBA and appear for Bank exams.In extremely rare and focused cases you may choose B.Archwhich is really good if you are interested in business rather than working for someone. You may even attend some career guidance programs. This would definitely help you come out with the best colleges for the course you opt for. It is advisable even to take marine engineering. In India the Maritime University has supported the admission of women candidates to this course and is offering a 50% scholarship for them. This is indeed a great new. And other fields include doing B.Sc and then MCA or even BBA and MBA. Paramedical courses do have great value but your workspot would probably be in US or UK. Civil engineering is a best choice to get settled in life sooner and easily. I would also suggest to do literature studies which has a great demand in researh field. Doing B.Sc and and then B.ed would get you with teaching profession. Doing B.E and an M.E. would be very valuble as you may get into an engineering college as a lecturer. Best Wishes for your career.


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