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Cash Gifting

Is Cash Gifting Legal?

You may be wondering about the legalities of this activity. It is entirely legal and is protected under IRS tax codes. Lawyers and Accountants alike are sending and receiving gifts. If it were illegal, they would not be involved. Cash Gifting is a new money making idea that is sweeping the Internet. Just as it sounds, Cash Gifting is a process where people send cash to you. Cash Gifting is becoming the hot new trend of 2008 and beyond.

The question is, what promoted the uplift in this activity? Cash Gifting is an activity that is centered towards people sending and receiving cash gifts. You can send money to help someone in need as it does not matter who it is.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, is this all legal or not? The simple answer is yes, if done correctly. There are a few simple guidelines that need to be adhered to in order to make this process entirely legal.

First, the proper documentation needs to be in place. The person sending the gift needs to sign a document stating that they are sending this gift of their own free will with no expectation of receiving anything in return. This document also states that the person sending the gift is not doing so as a “money making opportunity.” It has to be signed and dated to make it official.

The next thing, as stated above, is that this idea of gifting can in no way be presented to someone as a business building opportunity. It is Cash Gifting. People sending cash without any expectations or stipulations.

There are certain IRS tax codes and laws that allow for the gifting of cash from one person to another. If closely adhered to, these laws allow for cash gifts up to certain dollar amounts without having to be taxed. Which only makes sense, right? If you are receiving a cash gift from someone, you should not be penalized for it by having to pay taxes on the amount.

In conclusion, Cash Gifting is an entirely legal activity as long as these simple rules are adhered to.

Why Cash Gifting?

With the economy in its present state, people are struggling to survive. They are losing their jobs, their homes, and cannot put fuel in their cars. So many industries are struggling and that is rolling over into the private sector. People have over financed and under planned for these present circumstances. Is there a solution to their problems?

Cash gifting is the perfect solution to the everyday person’s problems. Cash gifting at its base is people helping people. There are people ready to send you cash, so that you can in turn return the favor and cash gift someone else. The cycle continues and people are helped out of their present circumstances.

It sounds too simple though, you’re probably saying to yourself. It is in fact simple and the simplicity is what has made Cash Gifting the current hot trend that it is today.

Who hasn’t at some point in their life needed a helping hand? We can all put ourselves in that situation and empathize with others. Thanks to Cash Gifting, many are being helped out of their current situations.

So why should you Cash Gift? Because at some point in your life, you might need the favor returned to you.

What is the future of Cash Gifting?

Cash gifting is abuzz online. Why is it being tagged as the next big thing? There are many reasons why it is so appealing to so many.

First of all, there are no products to promote which greatly decreases all of the hype that surrounds so many other programs. The majority of high ticket and MLM programs have to utilize hype to sell their products and keep people interested. That isn’t needed with cash gifting. What could be more exciting than cash? Hype just isn’t needed.

This is what makes cash gifting so appealing. You don’t have to waste your valuable time trying to convince someone to purchase a product. There are no products involved, so it’s easy for them to see the benefits of giving and receiving cash.

Another thing that is so appealing are all of the proven offline marketing strategies that are available to use. This is a great way to start your marketing efforts immediately if you have no experience with internet marketing. While you are learning everything that you need to know to drive targeted traffic to your website, you can still be receiving cash gifts by utilizing the offline marketing systems.

Cash gifting is far from a new phenomenon. It has been around for over 30 years now. At the end of the day, people get involved with an opportunity for one reason only: to better their current situation as well as their families. No one begins for the amazing lotion, potion, or pill. The goal is the same for everyone: to make money. For this reason, cash gifting will continue for years to come as people want to help themselves and others.

How soon will I receive cash gifts?

As soon as your marketing site is live on the internet prepare yourself to start receiving cash gifts. Results may vary depending on how soon your readers are ready to send you money. Like any business activity patience pays. Leverage your website marketing with other offline initiatives like advertising on other media forums. Tell a few friends and let the word of mouth do the magic for you.

Who is allowed to participate?

In most countries anyone over the age of 18 can participate. Under aged individuals can do it with the consent of their parents or legal guardians.

Is success guaranteed once I join?

Cash Gifting is taking the internet by storm. So why is it that some people are successful at it, while others fail miserably? The reasons are simple:

* Giving Up – The number one reason why people will fail at this, or any other business, is because they quit. When people start in any project, they have to be prepared for the ups and downs, challenges, and struggles that they will encounter. If you are unprepared to work hard and stay focused, then your attempt will likely end in defeat.

* Mentoring – To succeed at cash gifting, or any other business, you have to have effective leadership. Do not try to reinvent the wheel. The same rules apply for you as well as everyone else. Find someone who has been successful themselves and emulate what they do. Not only will your learning curve greatly increase, but your results will as well.

* Don’t Jump In Blindly – If you fail to plan, you too will fail. It really is that simple. Cash gifting is a completely legitimate business. If you do not give it the same attention that you would any other business, you will be met with defeat. Take the time to develop and strategize your goals and plans. Doing so will greatly increase your chances of success.

There is room for you at the top too. You just have to take your endeavor seriously and put time and effort into it. If you don’t, no one else will either. When you take the approach of taking responsibility for yourself and your business, success will be much easier to achieve. This opportunity can make you rich. So don’t give up!

Is Cash Gifting Converting Better Than Other Online Businesses?

There is a new trend going on with online business opportunities. The companies that once easily converted 1 out of 3 prospects, are now struggling to convert 1 out of 10 people who visit their sites. So what does this mean, and how is it going to affect the future of internet marketing?

There are 3 Main Reasons that I see for this dramatic shift in online traffic:

1.) TIRED OF THE HYPE – People are growing tired of the same old promises online. You know what I mean – the overly hyped up programs that promise you huge returns on your minimal investment. They promise, promise, promise, but do not deliver the conversion that they said it would. People are becoming more and more skeptical as there are way too many “gurus” out there promising prospects the world, only to under deliver once they join. They often under deliver in training and support for their teammates. This leads to a vicious negative cycle because if people are not seeing success, they will leave. It is that simple.

2.) TIRED OF THE PRODUCTS – You definitely know where I’m coming from on this one! Aren’t you tired of trying to sell people on the next “greatest” product or service to hit the market? Now don’t get me wrong, the majority of these products do work, but mostly they are a front for the exchange of money. People are looking for an easy and fast way to make money online or offline, not searching for the next great juice, pills, or potions to sell. Think about it from your perspective, did you search online for the best juice to peddle? No, you were looking for a way to generate some extra cash each month or replace your current income with a home based business.

People are flocking online to find a way to make money from home that is simple, duplicatible, and not just another hyped up home biz opportunity.

3.) TIRED OF THE CHARGEBACKS – If you were making any money with your previous online opportunity, then you know what I am talking about here – The Merchant Processor Nightmare! Merchant Processor are cracking down on home biz ops. But why? Easy, chargebacks and refunds. If they are not kept to a minimal, your merchant processor could cancel your account or worse, hold money in your account that is due to you.

So why does this happen? Well, people are flaky. They join one day with all of the excitement and drive to become the next “guru”, you don’t hear from them for 3 months, and then they decide that they want a chargeback because the program just isn’t working for them.

These 3 common problems are the reasons why so many people are turning to Cash Gifting. Cash Gifting is simple and easy to do for even the novice marketer. It is simple to promote and is free from the above mentioned hassles. You will never have to worry about the fear of chargebacks and refunds as the proper documentation protects cash gifters from this hassle. It’s really no wonder why cash gifting is converting far better than other programs. It’s simple, it’s legal, and it works! So ignore the nay-sayers and failures and join a trend that will work for you. Please be sure to check back with our cash gifting website to secure your future.

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