First Annual Writing Contest Announced

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Small business is struggling in the current economy. New small businesses like Argyle Gifts are unable to start up at all. New businesses are now taking creative steps to help promote their brand name.

As Argyle Gifts owners, Heather and Trevor Rutherfordstone, looked to acquire inventory for their new online retail store they found themselves with a case of bad timing. They realized that, in order to open successfully, they would have to have a strong online presence. The first attempt to gain this exposure will be in the form of a contest series.

November 18, 2008 marked the beginning of this contest series. Argyle Gifts announced yesterday that it would open its first annual writing contest to the public. This contest enables anyone of any age and location to write an essay relating to gifts or gift giving in some way. They claim they will accept nearly anything related to include a personal story, historical facts, advice, gift wrapping suggestions etc. While there is a small entry fee of $5 this is used only to cover the winnings of $500. It is estimated that no more than 100 entrants will participate so any one essay is estimated to have a 1% chance of winning. Not too shabby considering most contest odds. However, that is not all. The winning essay and 5 runners up will also be featured on the Argyle Gifts’ website for no less than three months. All links requested will remain intact. This is great incentive for anyone looking for a few relevant links. Contest ends March 1, 2009. See for full details.  

In addition to the writing contest, Argyle Gifts also plans to host a photography contest with a cash prize as well as a crafting contest where the winning crafter will win have their products featured on the front page of Argyle Gifts for sale. These opportunities will be great for avid artists and crafters all around the world who are looking to gain a little exposure.

Argyle Gifts operates on a unique model. They strive to support crafters, artists, and writers by promoting their works and offering the creative people in the world a new retail outlet. In addition to supporting small business Argyle Gifts wants to instill that personal touch in ecommerce that retail giants like Amazon are lacking. Every order will include special touches that help every customer feel special. It is time that e-tailers offer that same human touch that regular brick and mortar stores are able to provide.

Argyle Gifts plans to kick off its’ new inventory in January, 2009 and will announce the winner of its’ first annual writing contest in April, 2009.


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