Is Sarah Palin a gifted communicator or just an eternal gaffer?

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If one looks back at Sarah Palin’s venture on the political arena, he would notice her strong grit in her endeavors; she had pulsating presence, and a woman with a lot of conviction. Her dream of transforming Alaska had stood firm and the efforts made by her paid off handsomely. She had finished doing what she intended to do for Alaska.

Being a governor, her actions had shown her in good light; it proved her versatility as a gifted communicator. Her rise in politics is a result of a dogged resistance she exhibited at crucial times, after being made a commissioner at Alaska oil and gas conservation commission  by governor Frank Murkowski, she never hesitated to expose her fellow commissioner Randy Reudritch for running a political business at state time. Her stand to turn against her own party member, who was a chairman of Alaska oil and gas conservation commission, showed her dedication for the state, and that paved her to walk straight into the hearts of Alaskans.

She decided to run for the post of the governor of Alaska. It should be known that to win in Alaska, one needs the backing of either the labor unions, media or the oil industry because that’s where the support creeps in, though none of the support groups behind her, still she manages to hold her end and won the Alaska seat handsomely. It’s the people who supported her, her skills of communication from the dais worked wonders, she was able to relate with the masses, her rise in politics can be traced to her communication skills, negotiating her way through her unwavering desire to reach where she intended.

She clutched at the opportunity given to her and tried her best to influence masses. Don’t forget she was the one at the presidential elections who was driving masses to the campaign; she was a crowd puller from the very outset, crowds swelled in number wherever she went. In fact, she drew more crowd than Senator McCain.

A woman with a magnetic personality, she was first one to offer a process of competitive bidding, to build oil pipelines to the lower 48 states, it was a sharp contrast from her predecessors who would leave no stone unturned to beg these oil companies, to build pipelines. She changed it all; her foresight to present the process of bidding explains her foresight and negotiating ability. This is has put the oil companies in a soup, and the bidding process has entangled them to vie for the contract.

Governor Palin is a sublime negotiator, her ability as a crowd puller proves her mettle as a gifted communicator, and she is smart enough to pull through her plans and execution.


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