Mother’s Day Humor: Uncle Scrooge’s Blog For Mother’s Day

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I didn’t have a father either. He died when I was two months old. I wonder why. I was pondering about selling roses and chocolate around the corner of my block for Mother’s Day. I’m sure it’ll be quiet profitable. If you really think about it, everybody has to buy at least one bouquet for their mom and that means I can make thousands just by selling roses. I have been planting them since February and I have some leftover from Valentine’s Day. It’s still fresh in the fridge. I have put special preservatives in them.

Dear Lord, I think this Mother’s Day is going to be great for selling roses. How much can I make? Ten thousands or twenty thousands, I hope to buy some Cola-cola shares after I made my money. Investment is a great thing to make more money you know. After Coca-cola, I can also put some in Google. How about that? Is that a good move or what? I’ve took some stocks lesson lately from Rich Daddy. Hopefully I can buy Microsoft one of these days.

I’ve also took some lesson for chocolate chips cookies baking. I’ll be baking for this Mother’s Day. I can sell it at my nephew’s playground. I’ll set up a table right outside of the school bus and sell it for $10 a cookie. Is that a good price or what? I will also allow them to pay me weekly if they can’t afford it right away. I will set up an account for everyone. This is good loaning business. I will charge them 10% interest rate for each day. I think that I will continue this rose and cookies business for the long term. I think my mother would be proud of me if she knew.


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