How to do yoga with back problems

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People, who do yoga, do it with a purpose, you are too busy with your work schedule, and to do yoga requires a certain dedication on your part. You need to be committed to do yoga; otherwise you won’t get the desired results. Yoga is perhaps the best remedy to cure you of your back problems. If you could give a hundred percent effort over a period of time, follow the schedule vigorously, and then yoga would work wonders to cure you of your back problems.

What yoga postures would you imply to cure you of your back problems? The best part about doing yoga is that yoga works on a two fold basis. You select a yoga posture to cure you of your back problems, that particular yoga posture would also cure some other disease that has gripped you. Below are few exclusive yoga postures that would cure your back problems.

  • This particular yoga is called ‘Hal asana’. You would sweat a bit while you do ‘Hal asana’. It is probably the best yoga posture that would cure your back problems to the core. Take a look at the method to do ‘Hal asana’.
    1. Lie down straight on your back, inhale while you lift your legs slowly. Bring both your legs at 30 degrees, stop for a second, again lift your legs and stop at 60 degrees. Finally, lift both your legs and stop at 90 degrees. Now push both your legs to the back of your head by lifting your back and slowly release your breath at the same time.
    2. Rest your toes on the floor at the back of your head and try and breathe normally. Though you will find it difficult in the beginning but with practice you would overcome your shortcomings. Make sure you keep your hands in front, pressed on the floor.
    3. Repeat the process while you return back to your normal stance. You need to take care that your knees do not bend while you push your legs back, over your head. The knees should be straight when your feet touches the floor at the back.

‘Hal asana’ is extremely helpful in making your spine healthy and flexible. It also keeps your back muscle disease free.

  • The other yoga that would cure you of your back problems is ‘Karna-pidasana’. This particular yoga is an extension of ‘Hal asana’, and the only difference here is you need to bend both your legs to bring it closer to your ears.

The benefits of ‘karna-pidasana’ are just the same as ‘Hal asana’ but there’s a slight difference in method of doing yoga. Doing both forms of yoga would certainly cure you of any back problems that you have.


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