Free Trade Magazine Subscriptions and how they work

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What is “Free Trade Magazine Subscriptions” and why is it Free?

Free Trade Magazine Subscription site such as, offers free magazine subscriptions. They offer magazines for more than 35 industries. For example you can pick “Oracle Magazine” under “IT – Software & Development” or you can get “CFO Asia” which is under the category “Executive & Management”

It takes about 1 to 2 minutes to fill up the request form and that is it, and then in couple of weeks you get those magazines. I have requested “Website Magazine”, and the current volume is about “Innovative E-commerce” ( ) which I love. But the question remains, how can offers free magazines, why they are not making money from us, who is paying them for their expanse, etc.

You first have to understand that advertisers pay a lot of money to each magazines so their logo or ad can be part of a specific page. For example, my “Website Magazine” has full page on “VidegoPro” which talks about make video ready for web. The title of that page is “Is Your Website Video Ready?”. I’m sure VidegoPro paid a lot of money to have their full page ad running on the first page. This is one of the vendor in 50 page magazine, some have half pages, others have ¼ of a page.

Because of this, web sites like can offer magazines to public for free, because they already took money from the advertisers, now they just have to give away the magazines so people can use their advertiser’s services. The more business those advertisers get from public, the more business TradePub will get from advertisers.


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