vonage: a must have!

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Having a hard time contacting your families, friends or colleagues abroad? having problems with a very expensive phone bill every month?

Heres the answer to all your problems….

Introducing Vonage VDV21-VD – router….a new technology in the telecommunications industry answering your problems with regards to international calls. It is equipped with two broadband protal which you can connect to your telephone. You can use your telephone while using the internet hussle free. It has a caller id, call log and other features that made your experience with the product worth while.

My experience/opinion:

It has a one time fee of i think $60 when you buy the router.

It can save you big bucks because if you purchase the product, for example you have let say $30 fixed monthly bill compare to purchasing a phone card worth $ 20 every two weeks, it can save you atleast $10 a month. And you will only encounter problems when your broadband connection is down. But other than that, we encounter no problems at all. The line is clear, we know what time it is in the U.S. through the router and we know who’s calling or called us while we are not at home. We can talk to our relatives as long as we like to without worrying how much we will pay in the phone bill. You’re bill will only have additional charges when you call other number with different area code.

This product is really a must have! 


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